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If your wedding is fast approaching, you probably know that organizing the ceremony and wedding party is quite a challenge. You and your partner or partner’s partner want every element to be buttoned up to the last button: after all, this is one of the most important events in life. But how do you make it your wedding party that will be long remembered by all participants? All you have to do is choose the right theme for the event!

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Wedding theme — glamour

Glamour weddings are characterized by elegance, chic and luxury. The color scheme of such events usually revolves around muted colors, pastels, black, gold and silver. Glamour is all about sophistication and maximalism, events in this aesthetic are usually held in mansions, palaces or properly prepared hotel rooms. The wedding must not lack stylish decorations, such as decent tableware, gold cutlery, crystal glasses, tablecloths of thick material, bouquets of fresh flowers or candlesticks. All selected decorations should be made of good quality materials. Don’t forget the details, such as proper lighting and sound system for the hall.

The future spouses’ outfits can also fit into this aesthetic. Glamour styling for a bride is usually an elegant evening gown, usually down to the ground. It will be well complemented by accessories such as a long cathedral train, veil, diadem, hair band or richly decorated jewelry, for example, with diamonds or pearls. The groom, for an elegant suit or tuxedo, can choose an elegant fly and cufflinks.

Wedding theme — boho

The boho style is directly related to the life of the French Bohemia, the artistic community that defied the generally accepted norms in the old days. Bohemians always wanted to stand out, and their lifestyle was described as extravagant to say the least. These days, boho is all about looseness and originality, as well as drawing from other cultures. Oriental patterns, Indian dreamcatchers or hippie-style decorations are elements that should not be missing from a wedding in this aesthetic. Boho weddings are very often held outdoors and in nature.

Boho styling for the bride usually consists of a long, airy dress, as well as feathers, tassels and lace. Accessories such as a loose jacket, garland and hippie-style jewelry will work. Hairstyle in boho aesthetics is usually loose braids or completely loose hair. It is also common to combine a long dress with sports shoes, such as sneakers or sneakers. The groom in boho styling can bet on unconventional accessories, such as suspenders, a hat or a colorful bow tie.

Wedding theme — astrology

Astrological themes are becoming increasingly popular, so it’s no surprise that some people want to smuggle them into the aesthetics of their wedding. This type of event will work at any time of the year, and references to the sky, stars and planets will give it a magical touch.

The color scheme of an astrological style wedding should be based on blue, black, navy blue, gold and silver, the colors we most associate with the night sky and the cosmos. Motifs such as constellations, constellations or symbols of zodiac signs can be placed on wedding invitations, vignettes, tablecloths and napkins. Light will play a big role at this type of event. Placing a large number of candles will certainly help to build a magical and slightly mysterious atmosphere.

Astrological motifs can also be smuggled into the styles of the future spouses, for example, through jewelry with symbols of the zodiac signs, the moon or the stars. A fantastic attraction for guests can be an astrologer who will do an analysis of their cosmogram, or a telescope to observe the starry sky.

Wedding theme — vintage

The vintage style is a reference to the culture and aesthetics of a previous era, primarily the 50s, 60s and 70s, served in a modern way. Photos and stories of our mothers and grandmothers can serve as inspiration. The color scheme for a vintage-style event is based primarily on beiges and powder pinks. The bride should forgo a snow-white dress, in favor of one in ecru or ivory. Elements such as lace, feathers and pearl jewelry will play well in the styling. The wedding hall should not lack elegant tableware, retro-style glasses and decorations found in the attic. Decorations such as:

  • old photo albums,
  • typewriters,
  • gramophones,
  • candlesticks,
  • parrot cages,
  • old keys,
  • old jewelry,
  • family memorabilia.

A vintage-style wedding must not lack music from years ago (preferably played live or played from a turntable!), as well as warm, slightly dimmed lighting.

Wedding theme — rustic

Weddings in rustic style do not lose their popularity. No wonder: a ceremony in a calm, idyllic style, with references to nature and elements of folklore, is a recipe for a ceremony like from a Slavic fairy tale. The rustic color scheme is primarily beige, brown and green. For this type of event, choose a place such as a barn, a small manor house, a vineyard or an old wooden church. It will also be a great idea to hold the ceremony outdoors.

A rustic wedding should not lack natural fabrics, wood and lots of plants. Decorations such as:

  • linen tablecloths,
  • wicker lanterns,
  • old crates,
  • stones,
  • field flowers,
  • vases made from old bottles,
  • jars of homemade preserves.

The bride’s dress should be sewn from light and airy material. Creations in the rustic aesthetic are most often characterized by a small number of decorations and a simple cut. A great accessory will be a garland, as well as a bouquet of multicolored field flowers.

Wedding theme — Art Deco

If you’re dreaming of a Great Gatsby-style ceremony, an Art Deco theme is the choice for you! The aesthetics will be somewhat reminiscent of an elegant glamour wedding, but in this case you need to combine it with vintage style, and add a lot of glitter, gold and leeks. Just like at the famous balls at Gatsby’s!

The ideal room for this type of event will be a palace or hotel room, with darker decor and a fair amount of decoration. Crystal chandeliers, large ornate vases, stucco on the walls: everything that gives the interior an elegant atmosphere, associated with meetings of the cream of society in the early 20th century. On the tables there should certainly be crystal glasses, gold candlesticks and richly decorated tableware.

Art deco aesthetics can also be smuggled in through outfit accessories. The bride can think of a headband with feathers, pearl jewelry or long satin gloves. The groom will fit in perfectly with the style of the event if he wears a white tuxedo and bow tie.

Wedding theme — travel theme

If the bride and groom are big fans of exploring the world, they will certainly want to smuggle a bit of their passion into the aesthetics of the wedding. The very preparation of such an event gives the future spouses a lot of room for creativity, and is usually great fun. What accessories will work well for a travel-style wedding and reception?

  • Invitations in the form of airline tickets or passports,
  • vignettes in the form of a map,
  • menus featuring exotic dishes from around the world,
  • tables named according to continents or countries,
  • decorations such as globes, suitcases, travel souvenirs, exotic musical instruments,
  • a cake in travel aesthetics, for example, with patterns of airplanes or a map.

The color scheme for a travel style event is usually based on earthy colors, such as browns, greens, ecru and grays. Very cool for this wedding theme, will be to hold it outdoors, in late spring or summer.

Wedding theme — eco

Eco style does not refer to the aesthetics of the wedding itself, but also to the philosophy in accordance with which it will be organized. Every element of such an event should be planned with the planet in mind. There will be no place for plastic, disposable products or those imported from other continents at this type of event.

An eco-style wedding can be held outdoors, on a country farm or in a barn specially prepared for it. The color scheme of this type of event may center around the colors of the earth, but this is not the most important thing. The dishes served at the celebration should be created from seasonal products, preferably grown locally. Tables can be decorated with plenty of plants, but those potted and specific to our latitude. The bride should have no problem finding a dress made of organic fabrics, alternatively, she can rent a creation from a rental shop or wear a vintage outfit from her mother or grandmother. The same, of course, applies to the groom. Organizing an eco-style wedding is a kind of manifesto of the bride and groom, who want to show that even such an important event can be organized with zero waste in mind!

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