How to satisfy a woman? Tips and valuable advice on caressing technique!

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Seducing women is a great art, the secrets of which men sometimes study all their lives. Many men wonder how to get along with a woman. What techniques to use, will each lover prefer the same caresses to achieve orgasm? What sexual positions will be the best and are erotic toys always a good idea? Be sure to read our guide.

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How to satisfy a woman in bed?

Unfortunately, sex life, like many other spheres, is not based on a one-size-fits-all scenario. Nor is there a single, always-flawless method for seducing women and making them always reach orgasm. Because each woman is different, and consequently their needs, preferences, fantasies and dreams in bed are also different.

Moreover, not every penis will resonate with absolutely every lover, because much depends on the individual predisposition of the body. It is always necessary to “get there”, and this takes time, willingness and commitment. It is for this reason that one-night adventures do not always end with a happy ending for both sexual partners. A longer relationship allows you to get to know each other’s needs better, but also runs the risk that boredom will set in. And that’s when it’s a good idea to diversify your bed life. In what way? For example, by buying erotic toys, or by using such “tricks” as erotic spanking.

Speaking of a sexual relationship with a longer track record, many couples also practice such unusual arrangements as group sex. This is often a very good motive for increasing libido. Swingers, especially seasoned ones, often talk about how much such an opening to sex in a larger group has given them. After all, in this way one can reawaken healthy jealousy and take a completely different, fresh look at a partner or partner in terms of erotic attraction.

However, if you are not convinced by such adventures, nothing is lost. There are still many ways to get along with a woman during intercourse and foreplay. First of all, however, remember that the penis is not the only “arsenal” you can use. There are also gadgets, such as:

  • dildo,
  • vibrator (different types!),
  • massagers,
  • dress up kits,
  • erotic massage oils,
  • and many others.
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Just browse through the offer of a sex shop to choose something for the bedroom for everyday use or for special occasions. A woman is sure to appreciate such an original gift, placed on the bedside table and encouraging you to play together.

Never forget about foreplay and to try with all your might to give your lady an orgasm. Her needs are just as important as yours, so this should be a priority. There is nothing worse than the dissatisfaction of one of the parties, hidden behind an embarrassed smile or a hidden grudge, which sooner or later, will come out at the next argument. Therefore, don’t be afraid to talk about sex outside the bedroom as well. Ask if your partner is satisfied, and if she is not, what you can change.

It may be that the woman will not be satisfied, but she does not quite know how to tell about it. Worst of all, if she also doesn’t know herself what really makes her happy: what movements, what positions, what pace. If this is the case, support her with a kind word and encourage her to discover for herself what works best for her. You can get her for example:

  • clitoral massager,
  • a dildo,
  • vibrator (preferably one that stimulates the G-spot).

Hand such a gadget to her at the earliest opportunity and wish her a good time. You will see that once a woman gets to know her body and needs, your bed life will jump to the next level. And, above all, she will become more aware and give you specific instructions the next time you have sex: more to the left, harder to the right, slower, faster…. After some time you will already jump into a common rhythm. It’s really worth it!

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How to get along with a woman in her 40s or 50s?

You have sex as an adult at any age, as long as your health allows it, and it’s worth talking about it out loud. Therefore, a particularly important question is how to get along with a mature woman, one in her 40s or 50s.

Female partners at this stage of life, as a rule, already know well what they expect from the emotional, but also erotic sphere. They know their needs and preferred sexual positions for their own bodies and physical capabilities. In addition, they are able to fulfill the fantasies of their partners, as long as, of course, these do not interfere with their boundaries. This is why sex in their “forties” or “fifties” can be very satisfying for both parties. However, there are some “buts”.

You need to know about the fact that as a woman’s body changes with age, and if she is already slowly entering the menopausal age, problems previously absent appear. An example is dryness in the vagina, which is not remedied by arousal alone. Even very long foreplay is sometimes not enough to make the mucous membrane produce enough lubrication.

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The result? Reduced libido, but also discomfort and even pain during intercourse. Threads of pleasure. That’s why, in order to give your mature partner an orgasm and guarantee her full pleasure from intercourse, it’s worth equipping yourself with lube. If you use condoms, be sure to choose a water-based gel, so as not to reduce the effectiveness of contraception.

How to satisfy a woman with a finger?

Penis is not everything. You can also give pleasure with your finger. “Fingering” is a technique that many women love. And why? Because with a finger you can often better reach those parts inside a woman’s pleasure center that a penis has no right to reach. Or at least not to the extent needed to achieve orgasm.

Some female partners love the sliding motions with two index fingers. Others much prefer circular movements, with the index finger. To stimulate the most sensitive areas, it’s a good idea to use a finger tip-only motion, concentrating on the front wall of the vagina. Of course, this is not a universal “instruction manual”. It is worth asking the woman whether a particular type of penetration suits her, whether to slow down, whether to change direction, whether to add or subtract a finger.

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It will also be a good idea to combine finger technique with oral sex. Erotic toys will also work just as well. For example, you can simultaneously play with your finger inside (be sure to use lube) and stimulate the clitoris outside with a vibrator. How about a position from behind and exciting spanking to top it off? Combinations are plentiful, it’s your imagination that counts!

How to satisfy a woman with your tongue?

Many men wonder how to please a woman using the oral method. Here it is communication with the partner that counts. Because sometimes gentle strokes with the tongue and focusing also on the inside of the thighs will work, and other times vigorous sucking and focusing only on the glans of the clitoris.

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In many cases, the slow-fast-slower method will work well. Start with gentle strokes, moving into more forceful movements with your tongue. It will also be advisable to include a finger.

Keep in mind that what works one day may no longer be necessarily exciting a week later. Therefore, once again: communication.

How to satisfy a woman during intercourse

What are the best sexual positions? The most universal and popular is the missionary position, possibly with minor modifications (such as raised legs).

However, many women like the “Doggy” and “Rider” positions, and for a very simple reason. Well, thanks to this, the penis has a chance to reach those most pleasant areas. Here, of course, a lot depends on the individual anatomy of the woman and whether they like to cuddle during intercourse or perhaps prefer more distance from their partner. It’s fun if you review the popular positions from the Kama Sutra together, and potray a conversation about them as part of spicy foreplay.

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Quite a compromise in this regard is the “On the spoons” position, which allows both romantic cuddling and a sense of intimacy, as well as great physical pleasure. Quite likely, the woman will achieve satisfaction and experience a fantastic orgasm with you.



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