Worst dating habits by zodiac sign. Who is better not to date?

Find out who and what to watch out for when dating. Or do these habits apply to you, too?

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Is it a good idea to ask your zodiac sign before asking for a date? Perhaps it’s not such a stupid idea. Especially if, as you’re about to find out, any of the zodiac signs may have some terrible dating habits that you won’t approve of. So maybe it’s a waste of time. Of course, if you care about someone, feel the chemistry, it’s worth talking (it’s always worth talking, in general, communication is the basis of all human relations!) and maybe something can be done about this or that behavior. Also, see if maybe because of this and not a different arrangement of planets you yourself do not have annoying dating habits. Because planets are planets, it’s nice to be able to blame it on something, but it’s all in our hands and you can work on yourself a bit.

Aries — dating habits

Impetuousness and unpredictability. Once a gentle ram, once an impulsive person. Going on a date with a person from this zodiac sign, you may be surprised that suddenly you have in front of you someone completely different from the one you saw last time. Where’s the helpful person who helped a mom with a stroller pack for the bus? Why is he suddenly yelling at passersby or the staff at the store? Does he or she no longer care about making a good impression on you? Maybe he or she is even clinging to you. Maybe it’s a matter of zodiac sign, a worse day, but maybe also a character to run away from! And if you’re an Aries, do a quick examination of your conscience — how are your moods on a date?

Taurus — dating habits

Bulls, on the other hand, when spending time with their “date” can sometimes be too nice to others…. It seems to be a good thing, it seems that a head does not hurt from too much, but often it just looks like flirting. And not with the right person, which is you! Either just say how you feel, ask what it’s because of, or seek your happiness with someone who will give you 100% attention. And if it’s all about you and you tend to be interested in someone other than the one you’re dating…. Well. You might want to turn on more empathy, put yourself in that person’s shoes and try to focus on the “date” after all.

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Gemini — dating habits

If you are from under the sign of Gemini then on a date (and not only) you usually have a lot to say, anecdotes from your life and that of your friends you pull out like from your sleeve, a stream of words flows non-stop from your mouth. Sometimes this is also caused by the fear of awkward silences, which in the face of meeting a new person can be stressful. Inhale, exhale. Make room for your “date”, let this person tell you something about himself, otherwise, you won’t know if he’s interested in you! Tip: prepare your questions for this person before your date! And ask, turn on your curiosity. And if you’re on the other side and you’re dating a Gemini be prepared for the fact that she might second-guess you! If you feel like taking a chance on a meeting after all, but don’t want to feel like a slow listener, be prepared for a fight. Sometimes not even a fierce one, there are times when it is enough to interject a seemingly casual but appropriate sentence that will give someone something to think about, such as “Do you feel like finally learning something about me?”, “I think you’ve already told me most of your life”.

Cancer — dating habits

For Cancers, the situation is a little different than for Twins. Cancers are sometimes closed in on first meetings, silent, withdrawn. Sometimes it looks as if they are on a date for punishment. So if you don’t like feeling the burden of conversation on you, breaking through someone’s shell and someone who doesn’t show much emotion, and you don’t know if he or she likes the meeting or not — then you know what to do. Just keep looking. And best of all, write down in the app that people under the sign of Cancer just politely thank you.

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Leo — dating habits

People of this zodiac sign are ferocious, so they can fight for your attention this way too. First, flood you with messages, proposals for a meeting. And when it comes to it, they will show off: joking on the one hand, on the other hand, asking if you are okay with this and that, if you need something. If you feel overwhelmed: say so. If someone is verging on stalking, run away. And if you’re the one from under the sign of the Leo, ask yourself if you’re sometimes stalking, putting too much pressure, sending one message too many?

Virgo — dating habits

You are well-read, learned, confident, and meeting a new person is a great opportunity for you to show off your best side, show off your knowledge, interject a super intelligent quote. Well, of course, everyone wants to do well on a date, but Virgos can overdo it in being the best version of themselves and just scare people away. It’s better than pulling niche interests and secret knowledge out of your sleeve to look with your date or date for common interests. And if you’re the one who wants to date a Virgo, ask yourself, are you ready to risk facing a person who will want to impress you at all costs? Will it thrill you, or will it frighten you and have a depressing effect on you?

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Libra — dating habits

Well Libra’s, especially these days, take it to heart that it takes a lot of searching and a lot of narandizing to hit on THEIR person, so…. Well, well… at the same time they meet or at least write with several people. At least one they have in reserve. Certainly not all of them, but still, it’s good to know that people do this at all and that we may have competition. And maybe such knowledge will make you not give up on dating a Libra at all, but accept the challenge and try harder?

Scorpio — dating habits

Beware of Scorpions! Because they are ostensibly looking for a new partner or a new partner, but they keep cracking up about their own or their ex’s. Even on the first date. They relate, compare, reminisce. Seemingly innocently, but it can be annoying. A good question-answer in such a situation might be to ask a date or a date under the sign of Scorpio what he or she has learned from his or her exes and what mistakes he or she doesn’t want to make. After all, they did break up for a reason. Then you may also be able to pick out whether such a person is ready for a new relationship. Anyway, it’s best to ask about it! And if you’re the one talking about your exes on dates, try to work on it! It’s not easy to forget, but there are times when you need to focus on the present and the future! It could also be that it’s still too early to meet new people. Maybe you also need support to get the ex out of your head?

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Sagittarius — dating habits

He postpones meetings, apologizes, assures you that he really wants to meet. Is it a busy schedule? Or does he actually have someone and is looking for a springboard? Well, it could be different, but referring to the zodiac sign, it’s probably the fact that people under the sign of Sagittarius, on the one hand, don’t like to meet new people and postpone such meetings, on the other hand — they also highly value their time, their friends and always put those already known to themselves first. So it’s not surprising that they again want to postpone a date. But this is annoying and sometimes it goes on indefinitely….

Capricorn — dating habits

Difficult art. Asks questions. Very carefully checks whether you are a good match. He has no intention of wasting time and energy on someone who, according to him, is not on the right level, does not fit into his vision of life. He is also often guilty of himself, because he judges by appearances, easily gives up instead of getting to know someone better and loses the chance for a valuable acquaintance. Going on a date with a person from this zodiac sign, therefore, you have to reckon that it may be like a job interview, rough and specific. It may also be that after the first date you will not hear from Capricorn again.

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Aquarius — dating habits

In this case, there are problems with concentration. The phone is still at hand. Even if it is not checked. Aquariuses and Aquariuses on dates, especially the first ones, behave as if they are going to get up and leave at any moment. This causes unnecessary tension and spoils the atmosphere. If you are such an Aquarius, hide your phone or other distraction deep and put your total attention! Focus on the person you are meeting! It will work out for everyone.

Pisces — dating habits

Pisces can and, in fact, like to conduct in-depth investigations before they go on a date with someone. All in all, rightly so, because it’s good to know who we’re dealing with, especially when using dating apps to get to know someone. But of course, when we know a lot when we’ve done in-depth surveillance and it comes out in a meeting, it can be awkward. Of course, you can somehow defend yourself, mention security and so on, but well…. Also remember in the other direction — you are dating someone from under the sign of Pisces, count on surveillance!



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