White rose — for whom and when is it worth buying? What do white roses symbolize?

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We usually associate the white rose with innocence and devotion. This phenomenal flower is often used as a decoration for a first communion or wedding ceremony. However, few people know that the number of buds in a bouquet can carry a specific message. What is the symbolism of white roses? How many flowers to place in a bouquet? Is it worth gifting a single white rose to someone?

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What is the symbolism of roses?

Roses are among the most widely purchased cut flowers in the world. They are found practically all over the world, in more than two hundred species, which vary in shape, color and fragrance of their buds. They are valued as ornamental plants, but are also used in cooking and cosmetics for their qualities.

Roses were appreciated as far back as Antiquity, with the Greeks and Romans associating them with the goddesses of beauty they professed, Aphrodite and Venus. Offering another person a bouquet of roses was tantamount to confessing one’s feelings, whether romantic or platonic, related to a friendship relationship or family ties.

Nowadays, roses are primarily associated with love, beauty, passion, gratitude and devotion. Importantly, the symbolism they carry with them can vary due to the color of the inflorescence. Roses in blood red will convey a different message than those with snow-white petals. While the former most often represent strong romantic feelings and lust, white roses symbolize selfless, respectful and devoted love.

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Meaning of flowers: what do white roses mean?

The white rose is a symbol of pure, selfless love. It speaks of a soulful feeling, devoid of blemishes and negative emotions, such as jealousy, envy or unfulfillment. Presenting a loved one with rose flowers in white means absolute acceptance and respect. Roses in this color are also a symbol of sensitivity, empathy, warmth and devotion.

According to some traditions and beliefs, a white rose heralds a long, happy relationship that can withstand any adversity. It is for this reason, among others, that flowers of this color are very often chosen for the bride’s wedding bouquet.

White roses: a bouquet or a single flower?

When choosing the perfect gift bouquet, we often wonder how many flowers it should be composed of. Can white roses be given singly, or will they carry a better message in a more elaborate form? In fact, it all depends on the degree of intimacy, the occasion and also our personal preferences. If we can’t decide on a specific composition, we can use the principles often used by florists.

A single white rose is a great idea for a symbolic gift for a parent, friend or our affection in the early stages of a relationship. A large, costumed bouquet of white-colored flowers will work well for larger occasions, such as an engagement or anniversary.

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Few people know that, according to the speech of flowers, there is a corresponding message behind each specific number of roses in a bouquet.

Below are examples of the messages that the number of flowers given as a gift can carry:

  • 1 rose: I still love you/You are my affection
  • 6 roses: I only want to be yours!
  • 9 roses: Let’s be together forever.
  • 15 roses: I’m sorry/forgive me
  • 20 roses: My feeling is sincere
  • 36 roses: I will always remember the moments we spent together
  • 66 roses: Our romance was wonderful and special
  • 99 roses: I promise you love and fidelity until the end of our moments
  • 101 roses: You are the love of my life
  • 108 roses: Will you marry me?
  • 123 roses: Our love is bold and passionate
  • 999 roses: I will love you until the grave!
  • 1001 roses: I am faithful to death!

However, it is worth remembering that the symbolism of flowers does not always have to be taken literally. Beautiful and fragrant white roses are a great idea for a gift, regardless of the occasion and the degree of our intimacy with the gifted person.

How much do white roses cost?

The price of a single white rose ranges from 1–5$, depending on the variety and size of the flowers, as well as the reputation and location of the florist. The cheapest way to buy flowers is at florist wholesalers and street side stands.

White roses usually fetch the highest price on websites operating as so-called flower mail. Such sites have a wide range of richly decorated bouquets, for which we will pay from several dozen to even several hundred dollars.

White roses for wedding and communion

As already stated, white roses represent pure and happy love. Due to their symbolism, they are often chosen as an ornament at weddings and communions.

A bouquet of white roses is a popular decoration for brides. Flowers of this color perfectly emphasize styling with elements of white, pink, silver and gold. Married women-to-be often choose a combination of flowers of different colors, for example, white and light pink. The bouquet can be created from one type of flowers or decorated with smaller buds, such as white gypsophila or lily of the valley.

While during the marriage ceremony white roses usually decorate the bride’s bouquet, during the first communion ceremony they are usually woven into the hair or braided into a decorative garland. Thanks to their color, the flowers fit perfectly with the aesthetics of the event, and the values they represent match its symbolism.

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White flowers similar to roses

White roses are beautiful decorative flowers that will work well as a gift or decoration for virtually any occasion. However, it often happens that when choosing a theme for a bouquet, we feel like composing it with more than one type of plants. Which white flowers resemble white roses and will perfectly complement a rose bouquet?

White buttercups

White buttercups are delicate and fragile flowers that add a romantic touch to bouquets. In appearance, they resemble a combination of roses and peonies, so they will work well in compositions created with these species of plants.


Eustoma, otherwise known as the Irish rose, is a romantic and delicate plant with cup-shaped flowers set on long and narrow stems. Eustoma in white color is a symbol of purity, tenderness and innocence. It is increasingly replacing roses in bouquets and wedding decorations, but it will also work well in combination with these flowers.

White peonies

White peonies are beautiful plants with large and spreading flowers. They are often used to create bridal bouquets, and their symbolism is associated with virtue and shyness.

Lily of the valley

Lily of the valley are small white flowers resembling bells, with a very intense and distinctive fragrance. They are a sign of good fortune, youth, innocence and modesty. They can be a beautiful complement to a bouquet composed of white roses.

White gypsophila

Gypsophila has small, tiny flowers that are often used to decorate bouquets composed of larger buds, such as roses. White gypsophila symbolizes youth and innocence, and is often used as a decoration at weddings and first communions.



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