What should an engagement look like? Is it still customary to do a proposal with your parents?

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Getting engaged is one of the most beautiful and magical moments in the lives of two people who love each other. When preparing for an engagement, we look for the right place, the ring and the perfect moment. What should an engagement look like? Engagement can be traditional, preceded by a proposal in the presence of future in-laws, or in the fiancé’s favorite place. There are many ideas and possibilities.

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What is said at an engagement

What should an engagement look like? Regardless of whether they will be traditional or more modern, there should be one fundamental question: “Will you become my wife?” (or husband of course, although this option is still rare).

Let’s start with the traditional engagement, which, although more and more couples are moving away from it, is still practiced. Traditional engagements are more formal and take place in the presence of the parents of the future bride. They are an expression of respect and appreciation for the future in-laws. If you are planning to propose this way, there are a few things to keep in mind. When the time comes, first you need to address your parents, thank them for their efforts to raise your partner, emphasize how much you love her and assure them that you will take care of her. After the approval and/or blessing from the bride’s parents, you can confidently kneel before her on one knee, hand her a bouquet of flowers and ask her the key question.

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What flowers for engagement?

How should engagement look like? Flowers are a customary part of an engagement. There is no rule about them, although the most common ones chosen by men are bouquets of red roses. This is because red is a sign of passionate and sincere love. A bouquet composed just of red roses, therefore speaks for itself and words seem to be redundant.

However, if your beloved has her own favorite flowers, it’s worth to bet on them. After all, we buy them with her in mind! It is worth to choose roses or peonies, lilies or margaritas. If the choice is too difficult, it’s worth to visit a florist, who will create a composition especially for us. It will certainly capture the heart of the future bride.

Presenting a bouquet of flowers on the occasion of engagement is an expression of love, devotion and respect to your beloved. Flowers are not only a sign of affection but also highlight the special nature of this day. Above all, engagement bouquets should please the chosen one and meet her expectations.

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How many roses for engagement? Does the number have symbolic meaning?

Although engagement traditions have changed over the years, presenting a bouquet of e.g. red roses still hasn’t gone out of fashion and is an indispensable element of this event. Although there is no strict rule on how many roses should be in a bouquet, according to the floral tradition 108 red roses mean “Marry me”. Whereas, 21 roses say “I am totally yours” and 12 roses say “Be mine forever”.

So you need to be aware that a particular number of flowers symbolizes something. The number of flowers in an engagement bouquet is therefore not insignificant. On the other hand, at the time of engagement, your partner will not be counting roses. So it is a good idea to explain to her after all what the number of flowers means. This will definitely put another smile on her face.

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Engagement at home or engagement on the beach will be better?

Engagement ideas are an endless list of possibilities. It’s hard to say unequivocally which is better. It all depends on taste and preference. Some are traditionalists and want to propose among the closest people, others dream of a unique place. An engagement at home, can be just as magical as a proposal on the seashore.

Ideas for an engagement at home can vary. The home is the perfect place to host a romantic candlelight dinner, or a movie screening, for example. It can be a breakfast in bed, or a formal engagement with your parents. Another idea is to organize, for example, a small surprise party with friends at home. A proposal at home also requires a little creativity and commitment. You don’t have to travel far to make this event full of magic.

Beach engagement ideas are sure to be romantic and remembered for a long time. A vacation by the sea or just a walk on the beach can be a great excuse to host an engagement. All you need is a secluded spot, a blanket, wine and a sunset. Another idea could be to rent a boat and get engaged in the middle of the sea, for example, or get engaged during a romantic walk along the shore. There are really many ideas.

Regardless of the place you choose, it is worth taking care of all the details. After all, such a moment only happens once!

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Do you still arrange to propose in front of your parents? A little about traditions

Ideas for engagement at home, can be preceded by a proposal among the family. This is an old tradition that is passed down from generation to generation by our parents. Although it is slowly disappearing, there are couples who continue it. A proposal is a request from the boyfriend to the father of the future bride for permission to marry her. Once approval is granted, the official engagement follows, which is the application of an engagement ring.

The biggest stress for the future fiancé in the case of a proposal, is the acceptance and consent of the parents of the future bride. In today’s world, few people ask for their opinion, couples simply inform about their intentions.

In the case of making an offer and getting engaged in the house of the chosen one, a meeting of both families takes place. On this occasion parties are organized, for example, in the form of a Sunday dinner, or an afternoon cocktail party. The party can be modest in the circle of loved ones, or in a wider circle of family, friends or acquaintances. The future fiancé should present the future mother-in-law with a bouquet of flowers and the father-in-law with a modest gift. The ceremony is followed by a brief conversation to lighten the atmosphere and a meal. After the meal, the future fiancé signals that he would like to speak and proposes. The acceptance of the proposal is followed by the engagement and the placing of a ring on the finger.

A traditional proposal and engagement, is a solemn event and one worth considering. Although it is a tradition, there is no command or compulsion. The final decision and choice as to how to get engaged lies primarily with the couple in love.



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