What is the most important thing in life? 9 timeless values to cherish

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These days, life is spinning at extremely high speed. Busy and preoccupied with the pursuit of success, self-realization and the fulfillment of worldly desires, we often don’t have time to think about what we really care about. What is most important in life? What values should we cherish most in it? Here are some hints, although of course, for each person, something else may be important, a priority.


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Health is often referred to as life’s most valuable asset. No wonder, since the good state of our body and psyche is a pillar without which we won’t be able to focus on nurturing the other things we care about. Unfortunately, it is often the case that we recognize this when our health is failing, and it is only during illness and injury that we begin to appreciate how much we had before. That’s why it’s so important to teach our offspring from an early age to take care of themselves, eat healthy, do physical activities, and not ignore any, worrying symptoms. Let’s remember that health is also about our psyche. No matter how well we take care of our bodies, an equal amount of time should be devoted to taking care of the mind.


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Love, for many of us, is the foundation that supports us in realizing our plans and goals, self-realization, trying to be the best version of ourselves. Being loved makes us feel needed, accepted, important. It gives us a seed of security, because we know that there will always be someone who will try to provide us with support in crisis situations.

However, we must not forget that love must be nurtured. The feeling of loving and being loved can lead to unimaginable happiness, but creating a steady and satisfying relationship with another person will require constant work. In order for a relationship to grow, it must be nurtured. Unfortunately, many of us take a relationship with another person for granted at some point in our lives. Lack of commitment can lead to routine, weakened feelings, and the appearance of doubt in us. However, the joy and sense of support that a loved one gives us are usually worth any amount of work, compromises and sacrifices.


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Despite the fact that every year the number of weddings is decreasing and divorces are increasing, family continues to be indicated by a huge number of people as the most important life value. Whether we’re talking about the home fire we grew up in or the one we established on our own, the need to nurture relationships with our relatives is something we usually care deeply about.

Family is our loved ones. As with our other half, it is often the pillar that provides us with a sense of security, and allows us to pursue our plans and self-improvement. The home fire in which we grew up had a very strong influence on the formation of our personality. Despite the fact that not all of us have good memories of growing up, the bonds we formed with our family members then are usually able to last with us for most of our lives.

Having our own offspring allows us to realize our role as parents. For many people, creating and raising a new person is a life goal to which they devote themselves entirely. It is often said that the love we feel for a child cannot be compared with any other feeling. If it is combined with life fulfillment, starting a family can be a path to happiness.


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Close friends, including those with whom we have no blood ties, are one of the most important values in life for most of us. Nurturing relationships with others can benefit us greatly, from emotional to professional to material. Creating ties with people outside our family also gives us the feeling that we won’t be alone if something happens, we will always have someone to turn to. If so, is friendship important to us primarily for selfish reasons?

No. People have been accustomed to living in communities for centuries. It is around others that we are most often able to have the most fun, make things happen, indulge our passions. Creating bonds and showing support for another person is also an important stage in our emotional development. Of course, there are individuals who are loners by nature and do not need company to lead fulfilled lives, but they are in the minority.


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Professional fulfillment is one of the most important, life-long values for quite a few people. Achieving success, in one’s chosen career path, can give us extremely strong feelings of fulfillment and satisfaction, especially if we live in a society that emphasizes work, or if we pursue a profession that aligns with our interests.

If the work we do brings us fulfillment, it’s no wonder that we want to be as involved in it as possible. Climbing the career ladder often brings another socially appreciated aspect as well. Holding a high position is most often associated with a large salary, and for some of us, living a life of high material standards is one of the most important values.

Faith and spirituality

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A significant number of people consider faith to be the most important value in life. We are not talking here about one particular belief system, but about spirituality in the broadest sense. Faith allows us to look inside ourselves, and see what we should really care about in life. If we feel lost, embracing a particular system of spirituality can show us the path we should follow to achieve happiness, joy and fulfillment. Faith can also give us purpose in life, and provide a sense of security. Prayer, meditation, and other religious practices, can help us calm down and de-stress. Most people who have identified faith as the most important, life-affirming value admit that adopting a religious system helps one become a “better person.”


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Devoting ourselves to activities that bring us joy is, for some, one of life’s most important values. However, this is usually not about pleasant activities that we have the opportunity to do from time to time, but about a real, deep passion, hobby or interest. It could be playing the piano, riding a bicycle, baking, or watching Scandinavian films. The important thing is that it be a subject or activity that completely absorbs us, and to which we feel like indulging ourselves at virtually every moment of our lives.

Realizing ourselves in a particular hobby can often give us a purpose in life. Striving for perfection, craftsmanship, or perfect technique is a great workout for our minds, during which we learn to be systematic, patient, and deal with possible failures. Devoting ourselves to passion can add flavor to our lives and ensure that we never experience boredom.

A sense of security

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A sense of security in life can be combined with other important values. Some of us will feel most secure with our other half, others when they return to the family home. For still others, a sense of security will depend on where they are at the moment. Or an adequate material status that will be able to provide them with a life at the level they expect.

One thing is certain, however. Insecurity usually has a direct impact on the decline in quality of life. Despite the fact that each of us should work on being enough for ourselves, regardless of external circumstances, it is much easier to mention such a practice than to actually implement it. A disturbed sense of security can take away our motivation to act, worsen our mood, and make us unable to achieve life satisfaction. We need to remember that its presence or absence is due to very individual factors, so first we need to find an honest answer to what really provides it for us in life.

Helping others

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Some and some of us find happiness and self-realization through helping others. This is a very noble value that requires us to make many sacrifices and give up some of our own needs for the benefit of our fellow man. However, most people who profess this value as one of the most important in life agree that nothing brings as much satisfaction and fulfillment as just helping others.

The vocation of helping others can be pursued in many different ways. Some of us choose a medical career to have a direct impact on saving people’s health and lives. Others engage in charitable or volunteer work, and still others provide mental and spiritual help by conducting workshops, meetings or engaging in coaching. Each of these ways has a real impact on improving the conditions of another person’s life, while making the world a better place.



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