What age is your soul? Young, mature or old? You can check it out.

The age of your soul can tell you a lot about your character and even your future. Here’s a mini test to find out if you have a child’s soul, a young soul, a mature soul, an old soul or a very old soul.

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Did you know that the age of the soul can directly affect your character traits and predict your life path? According to some branches of esotericism, determining your spiritual stage is essential for us to begin our journey toward enlightenment. How to determine the age of the soul? What are the characteristics of young, mature and old souls?

Why determine the age of the soul?

The age of the soul determines in which incarnation we were successfully reborn during reincarnation. Each of us goes through successive, specific stages, on the way to spiritual enlightenment. On them we have specific tasks to perform, which are necessary lessons for our souls to be able to finally connect with the universe.

Why determine the age of the soul? According to some experts and specialists in spiritual analysis, it is necessary in order to take the next steps on the path to enlightenment. When our interest in spiritualist topics grows, it means that our soul is beginning to age. This realization gives us even more motivation to work on ourselves, which in turn leads to the next stage of expanding consciousness.

In addition, determining the age of the soul is simply… a way to have fun, for example, at a party or meeting with friends.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

How to determine the age of the soul?

The topic interested you, and you began to wonder which age group your soul belongs to? No wonder, because this is an interesting way to find out what life path you should take in your current incarnation (according to the branch of esotericism that deals with this topic, of course).

  • With the help of character matching — the easiest way to calculate what age our soul is, is to compare our character and life path, to the description of each soul age group
  • With the help of numerology — our master vibration is able to help us match to one of the soul age groups
  • With the help of radiesthesia — we can determine the age of the soul with the help of pendulum work, but the test should be carried out by an experienced person who has no intention towards us

Age of the soul vs. numerology

In determining the age of the soul, numerology can help us. According to its principles, old souls are usually people whose main vibration is 7, 9 or one of the Master Numbers. This is not surprising, since the character traits assigned to these numbers fit the concept of old souls.

However, numerology is not precise in determining the age of the soul. Therefore, if you are looking for an answer to the question of what age my soul is, take the test below and check your character match with the age group descriptions at the end of the article!

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Age of the soul — test

As I mentioned earlier, the age of the soul is most often determined by fitting into a given group of behaviors, character traits and the life path we have chosen. This will be facilitated by the test I have created, in which you can answer YES or NO to each question.

  1. Do you sometimes feel like you are an alien on this planet, and don’t fit in with the world around you? YES/NO
  2. Do you have a sense of mission and know that you must do something good for the world during your life? YES/NO
  3. Are you attracted to people who are looking for help, or do you feel the need to “fix” others? YES/NO
  4. Do you feel good when you are alone? YES/NO
  5. Do you consider yourself an empathetic person? YES/NO
  6. Do you have artistic abilities or feel the need to interact with art frequently? YES/NO
  7. Do you consciously take care of your mental hygiene and try to eliminate situations from your life that do not serve it? YES/NO
  8. Are you a calm person who doesn’t worry about things that are out of your control? YES/NO
  9. Are you perceived by those around you as a peculiar/original/excentric person, or one who follows his/her own paths? YES/NO
  10. Do you have a well-developed radar on people and are you able to read their intentions right away? YES/NO
  11. Do you happen to desire to live in another world, universe or era? YES/NO

The number of YES answers given can help to determine what your soul age is. The ranges present themselves more or less as described below:

  • 0–1 answers YES: child soul
  • 1–3 answers YES: young soul
  • 3–9 answers YES: mature soul
  • 9–10 answers YES: old soul
  • 11 answers YES: very old soul

Age of the soul — how to recognize an old soul?

The concept of an old soul refers to the last stages of reincarnation. Its life goal is to find balance, and to pay off all the karmic debts it has accumulated in previous incarnations. The old soul has managed to work through the phases of independence and interdependence, and is striving for something greater, and feels the need to fully connect with the universe. Before that happens, however, it wants to pass the baton to others, so it often finds itself in the role of a teacher, although it does not always communicate this openly to its students. The final stage of reincarnation is the very old soul, that is, the soul that is one step away from achieving enlightenment.

How to recognize an old soul? People who are born in this spiritual stage are looking for a broader perspective of life, their daily life does not usually revolve around material wealth. They are often controlled loners who feel comfortable in their own company, but are perceived positively and liked by others. Old souls can be considered peculiar people who walk their own paths. They have a philosophical approach to life and an open mind.

Image by khaled Aljaber from Pixabay

Age of the soul — mature soul

The mature soul stops feeling fulfilled by achieving success and climbing the rungs of the material world. It begins to ask itself more and more questions about who it is and for what purpose it appeared on Earth. A mature soul notices that something is missing in her life. Often focused on learning about other perspectives, she is attuned to coexistence with all beings inhabiting her planet. It has a strong sense of intuition and empathy, and is focused around inner development and spirituality.

Age of the soul — young soul

The young soul begins to understand the power of the concept of free will. It frees itself from the structures that limit it, discovers its individuality, believes in the power of its thoughts and actions. People born at this spiritual stage are often focused on achieving success, primarily social and material. Young souls are ambitious and stubborn, they realize themselves through competition and winning.

Age of the soul — the child soul

The main task of the child soul is to adapt to functioning in an organized society with established legal and moral systems. Their daily life no longer revolves around the subject of physical survival. Child souls have the need to live in a well-defined structure in which most individuals function according to set rules. Individuals born at this spiritual stage often choose fundamentalism, whether legal, cultural or religious.

Age of the soul — infant souls

The youngest type of souls we find on the planet are infant souls. They most often concern people born in tribes, in less developed corners of the world. Their main task in life is to struggle to survive from day to day. The daily life of people with this age of soul most often revolves around getting food, and building safe havens to protect them from predators. With the accelerating development of civilization, fewer and fewer infant souls are born in the world every year.

Infant souls born in developed societies are unable to understand the morals and ethics introduced by their surroundings. For this reason, they usually live on the sidelines, usually in harmony with nature.



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