Ways to deal with a hangover — Here’s what will help you fight it off.

There is hard scientific evidence behind each of these items. These are the best ways to cure a hangover!

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Ways to deal with a hangover? So many treatises have been written on how to neutralize the unpleasant effects of alcohol abuse that if even half of them were true, this affliction would disappear from the list of the most unwanted, but nevertheless recurring ailments for good. Each of us also has his own tried-and-true tricks that he resorts to the day after the aforementioned intemperance. What does science say about this? A small percentage of the population does not experience a hangover at all, but in most cases we react to too much alcohol consumed in a similar way: at best, headache and stomach sensations.

No one needs to be persuaded to moderation — in theory, we all strive for it in equal measure. What is worth knowing? The advice to eat a decent meal before consuming alcohol did not come from nowhere. A good base will ensure that a glass of wine already in the stomach will submit to the action of digestive enzymes, greatly relieving the burden on the liver.

If, despite caution and prudence, you still get this terrible discomfort — check out the best ways to save yourself. In our gallery, proven ways to cure a hangover await you. What to eat and/or drink to get rid of the problem?


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High potassium content and nausea-relieving properties will help you survive even the worst “next day” discomfort. In addition, the high sugar content will effectively raise energy levels.


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Will be a good liner under the filling planned for the evening, although a glass of milk will also work well for light discomfort the next day. It is discouraged in case of a more severe hangover.


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Researchers indicate that pear juice and fruit consumed whole before an event will significantly reduce later discomfort — by up to 25%.


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Like lemons, they have a strong acidifying effect. Add two teaspoons of lime juice and a teaspoon of honey to a glass of water — relief guaranteed.

Cayenne pepper

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It has natural pain-reducing properties, so it can prove indispensable if you need to wait until you take another pain pill. Besides, spicy foods speed up metabolism, so even if you don’t happen to have a taste for something spicy, it’s worth the effort.

Peppermint tea

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Improves the digestive process, so it will help get rid of excess toxins from the body faster.


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The obvious — but we often forget about it. When consuming alcohol, the body gets dehydrated, so it’s important to replenish these water deficiencies. Proven method.


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They give energy and are high in calories (although the opposite of alcohol — rich in those good calories); protein and vitamin E are a good primer for a potential over-planned glass of wine.


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There’s a reason the Bloody Mary is one of the safest drinks despite its vodka content; it’s not just the lycopene or vitamin C contained in tomatoes. A key role is played by the potent antioxidant glutathione, which fights the effects of toxins contained in alcohol.


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The therapeutic effect of cabbage leaves is known to young mothers — it not only helps protect against breast inflammation and fights its first symptoms. It will also be an invaluable ally in the fight against a hangover because it relieves pain.

Pickled cucumbers

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Just like limes and lemons acidify the body. With just a few bites you will replenish flushed out from the body micronutrients and other valuable substances — cucumbers are a real vitamin bomb: vitamin K, iron, potassium and calcium — just for starters. On a strong hangover, the body asks for them on its own — do you also crave them then?

Olive oil

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If you have a vomiting reflex at the very thought of olive oil, we recommend adding a drop of balsamic vinegar and a pinch of salt to it and dipping toast in this concoction — necessarily from whole grain bread. It’s a good option before a party, too — the olive oil causes the alcohol to be absorbed more slowly and gives you a feeling of satiety, so there’s less chance you’ll be tempted to have another glass.


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Not only is ginger one of the most potent antioxidants, but it also has anti-emetic effects; it is not without reason that it is the main ingredient in specifics to prevent motion sickness in children. As a hangover antidote, it’s worth reaching for fresh slices or, eventually, a powdered version of this spice.

Broth or Chinese soup

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It is said that broth, thanks to its high fat content, has a soothing effect on an irritated stomach. There is no scientific evidence for this, but from experience we can also recommend Chinese soup. We suspect that it is the high concentration of MSG that is responsible for the immediate relief. Even if you avoid junk food on a daily basis, since you’ve already sinned with alcohol, it’s worth making one more concession.


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Vitamin C plus a large dose of iron — such a shot will put you on your feet. It’s important to treat yourself to the fresh version (not frozen); if you’re not fond of it, try smuggling at least a few leaves in a salad or on a sandwich. It’s really worth it.

Fruit juices

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Although the body demands more acidic flavors, instead of orange it is better to reach for a milder juice, such as apple or chokeberry. Not only will it raise blood sugar levels, but it will also help replenish vitamin and micronutrient deficiencies.


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One of the more valuable vegetables, valued not only for its taste, but mainly for its flatulence-reducing properties.

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