Washing your face with oils — OCM, the best way to have a beautiful complexion

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Washing face with oils — hearing about this method, doubts arise in our mind. After all, oil will make your face covered with a greasy layer of sticky substance, and not cleaned, in addition, the pores will be clogged and nothing good will come of it. Nothing could be further from the truth!

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Digging deeper into the specifics of this method, very quickly the opinion on this subject changes dramatically. Why? You can find out later in this article, where we also described what the OCM oil face wash method is, who it’s for, which oils to use and how to make your own composition. We also described how the whole washing process should look like in order to be effective and without side effects.

The beauty industry is one of the most growing fields in recent years. Due to free access to information and easy promotion of novelties in this category, consumer awareness is constantly growing. In addition, competition on the beauty market is very high, and this affects the quantity and quality of new methods, products and services affecting appearance.

Hence, there is often new research and ways on how to take even better and more effective care of the facial skin. This is especially important in skin care, because the complexion is exposed to a huge number of external factors every day, it is also one of the most important elements of the external appearance. A new method of washing the face with oils allows us to take even better care of it.

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What is OCM?

OCM stands for Oil Cleansing Method. It’s a cleansing method based on the “fat dissolves fat” principle. The way it works is that the oil you put on your skin mixes with the oil your skin produces, which is sebum, and together they are washed away (leaving enough oil for your skin to function properly). In addition, oils are great at removing makeup and dirt, and thanks to their properties, they maintain the skin’s natural hydrolipidic barrier.

OCM is popular with Asian women and is gaining more and more recognition in Europe. This is not just because of good promotion, but simply because of the amazing results achieved by those who use this method of face washing. Women who wash their faces with oils can enjoy the effect of moisturized, clean and nourished skin. In addition to the Internet and television, word of mouth is one of the most effective ways to spread OCM.

Oil face wash is based on a minimum of two oils. The first, basic one, for example, is castor oil, which is responsible for the issue of cleansing the skin. In addition, it has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. The second element is the base oil (there can be even 2–3 of them). They are selected, adjusting their properties to the type of skin. In addition, you can also use essential oils. The proportion of castor oil to base oil should depend on the type of skin. The drier the skin, the former should be less. Its maximum share in the whole mixture should not be more than 30%, regardless of skin type. Note that castor oil has drying properties, so you cannot overdo it even on very oily skin.

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How to choose oils for face wash?

The question of selecting base oils is incredibly important, because this factor, plus the regular performance of the procedure, affects the effectiveness of the wash.

It is very important to choose only pure cold-pressed oils. Next, you should well characterize your skin and, based on this description, choose oils that will help with your skin problems. It is a good idea to learn in detail about the properties of individual oils or go to a specialist with this.

If you haven’t used specific oils before, don’t add too many of them to your OCM mixture. If your skin reacts badly to any of them, with fewer oils it will be easier to eliminate the one that does not suit your skin type. So it’s not worth combining too much in this matter. In a situation where a given initial mixture (e.g. two oils) has worked well, you can try adding a second base oil, but it is not necessary. Two can also contribute to cool results.

Another addition that will strongly enhance a homemade wash oil blend is, of course, natural essential oils. Aside from the amazing scent, which you can also choose according to your preferences, essential oils have healing properties and enhance the potency of the base oils. Here are descriptions of a few sample oils:

Bergamot oil

Recommended for owners of oily skin. It is regenerative, antibacterial and helps heal wounds.

Tea tree oil

Acne-prone skin will find solace in this oil. Why go for it. It has antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. Tea tree oil acts as a natural antibiotic for the skin. (Don’t let it get in your eyes though, so be extra careful!)

Lavender oil

A great skin relaxing oil that inhibits wrinkles, acts as an antibacterial and regulates sebum production.

Thyme oil

It is good for acne-prone skin. It soothes inflammation and is a perfect antiseptic. It has an antifungal effect and accelerates wound healing.

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Why it is worth washing your face with oils and not with first-best micellar liquid?

It’s also worth explaining why the OCM method is better than using conventional face wash products. Micellar lotions usually contain alcohol or acids that serve to cleanse the face. That’s basically what they’re used for. But in addition to dirt and makeup, they also remove sebum, which is the skin’s protective layer.

The other way, which is washing the face with soap or gel dries it out a lot, which is also not desirable. In people with dry skin this can lead to additional irritation. Due to a small amount of sebum, the body may react with its overproduction as a precaution, which will cause the formation of blackheads. In the same way, its excess, as well as too little or no sebum cause all kinds of pathologies and diseases.

Effects of washing face with oils

  • A very big advantage of washing face with oils is the fact that it is safe for all skin types. Admittedly, it is a “gentle” way of washing the face, but it is beneficial for most skin types.
  • OCM does not cause overproduction of sebum and this is a huge advantage for people with acne-prone skin. This type of care therefore restores the fat balance, and if it was maintained, it certainly does not disturb it — as we know, it is one of the basic conditions of a healthy and well-groomed complexion.
  • By washing your face with oils you can count on the improvement of its color and maintaining its balance.
  • In addition, the physiological pH of the skin, which should be between 4.5 and 5.5, does not change. This is a very important element because just such an acidic environment does not allow any bacteria and viruses to develop.
  • The skin after washing with the OCM method is smooth, soft, moisturized and clean.
  • This method also delays the aging process.

How soon will I see the effects of oil facial cleansing?

However, oils need time to take effect. Aside from the clean, moisturized complexion you get immediately after washing, the rest will take time. Usually, you will see visible results of improved facial skin quality after a period of one to three weeks. A positive side effect is the strengthening of eyelashes and nails, which the concoction comes in contact with when you wash your face.

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How should the process of washing with oils look like?

To begin with, it is very important to wash your hands thoroughly and moisturize your face with water. Next, pour the oil mixture on your hands and spread it around. The next step is to massage the oils on your face in circular motions, spending a little more time on the areas where there is more of a problem.

The second step is to pull the oils off the skin. For this, you should have a clean towel or cloth ready. Soak it in warm water and apply it to your face for several seconds. It is very important not to rub your face with it, because this can irritate it. After about 30 seconds, rinse the cloth and repeat the operation several times until your face is clean.

Finally, soak the rinsed towel in cold water and also apply it to your face. This treatment will help close the pores. All that is left is to dry your face, preferably with a paper towel, apply a toner to balance the pH of your skin and pat on a suitable face cream. Just a few minutes and your face will be properly taken care of. It is important to do these steps gently, without irritating your skin.

This may seem like a very time-consuming activity. We guarantee, however, that after the first two times this habit quickly becomes a habit and each movement is already done intuitively.



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