Unwanted touch — what is it and can you defend against it?

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Unwanted touch — what is it?

What exactly is unwanted touch? First of all it has to be emphasized that it is a form of violence. It can occur in close relationships and also, a little less often, in the case of strangers. Unwanted touching should be defined as a situation in which someone violates physical as well as psychological boundaries of the other person.

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Unwanted touch is violence. How does it affect people who have experienced it?

Like other forms of violence, unwanted touch can negatively affect the person who experiences it. According to an expert, this type of behavior can lead to sleep problems, trauma, anxiety, as well as difficulty experiencing pleasure from touch in the future (including sex and intimacy).

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Unwanted touch — how can you defend yourself against this form of violence?

We already know what unwanted touching is and how it can affect the person who has experienced it. Now it is worthwhile to find out how one can defend against it. We can always say “no” and if that is not enough, we can react more strongly or ask a third person for help. Remember that each person has the right to ask for help. There is nothing wrong with that.

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