Tinder has introduced blind dates. What is it supposed to be about?

Those looking for love (or excitement) on the most popular dating app got a new feature. Blind Date mode, or blind dating on Tinder, is a nod to Gen Z. Though Gen Z isn’t the only one who can benefit from it.

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A new option: blind dates on Tinder

One of the main criticisms of Tinder? Superficiality. Relying on looks to “pair up” is quite a reflection of the modern mentality: shallowness, lack of commitment, banality. It’s no wonder so many Tinder dates are unsuccessful, with the likes of Shimon Hayut (aka Simon Leviev, the protagonist of Netflix’s latest hit “The Tinder Swindler”) making a career on it.

If we compare this app to a supermarket (and Tinder is sometimes compared to one), we can quickly see what’s wrong. We often do indeed “buy with our eyes”, but in the end it’s not the packaging that counts, it’s whether the product we’re paying for works. On Tinder, often the “product” does not work as we want (especially since the “box” is not accompanied by instructions for use, and about the “goods” themselves we also know very little). Ba, not infrequently it turns out that even the packaging is not as it appears in the picture.

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Making a nod to those who do not want to “buy the package”, Tinder finally created something for users who, instead of looking at each other, prefer to have common topics to talk about with the other person. Though really, the new feature is obviously another idea to increase monetization — by getting in on the trends that currently have a Gen Z vibe.

“The experience reflects the habits of Generation Z, which values authenticity and harkens back to its nostalgia for najntis and the days of dating in a world before smartphones”, the official announcement reads.

Less about intentions… Anyway, Tinder has been enhanced with a new mode called Blind Date. What will it consist in?

Tinder: blind dating — how should it work?

Under this feature, the user or user will have to answer a series of questions. On the basis of the answers given, the algorithm will indicate the people who are most likely to be suitable for each other. The app will immediately allow these users or users to exchange messages.

The couples matched in this way will only know what answers the other party has given (to have some hook into the conversation). Interestingly, the chat will have a time limit. Once this time limit is reached, the exchange of messages will no longer be possible — unless the “matched” people accept each other’s profiles. Then further communication will take place in the classic (for Tinder) way.

[Photo by cottonbro from Pexels]

The service informed that it has already tested the service on selected groups of users and the results were “promising”. People using it had 40 percent more “pairings” than in the normal mode. Blind date function is already available for American Tinder users.

What questions will the app ask in the blind date mode? Announcing the new feature, Tinder gave examples. “It’s okay to wear a shirt ___ times before you wash it” or “I use ketchup to ____” — that’s so to “boot.” So as you can see, these are not questions about the essence of life and the meaning of our existence in the universe. But well, what times, what depth.



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