This is not my face, or filters on Instagram vs. reality. Should “beauty” overlays be banned?

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Should filters disappear from Instagram?

I’ve already been involved in a discussion several times about whether filters on Instagram (and other apps) should be banned. Also, I’ve been asked for my opinions on people who don’t show a real, but an “enhanced” (whatever that means) version of themselves. This may surprise someone, but — despite the fact that I don’t like it myself — I don’t think that removing filters completely is an absolute necessity. Let’s remember that filters are not all the same. Some of them do not change our appearance but serve entertainment purposes (games, challenges, funny overlays…). I’m however in favor of taking care of a few things so that they stop being as harmful to some of the recipients as they are now. One of them is the need to report that a filter has been used by someone. What else?

Image by Webster2703 from Pixabay

Filters on Instagram vs. reality

There is one more thing worth noting. As users and users of social media, led by Instagram, we should and should be aware that not everything we see on the app is the same in reality. A few years ago it was talked about in the context of the “perfect life” (constant travel, eating out, new clothes or perpetually polite children), while now it is mainly in relation to appearance. Remember, there are many factors that affect what you see in a photo, including the right pose, light, camera settings, and clothing, specifically color and cut. And then, of course, there are the filters. Therefore, the worst thing you can do to yourself in this case is to compare yourself to images from social media.

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