These zodiac signs form the most toxic relationships — why don’t they work out in love?

Zodiac signs and love? We pinpoint the 4 couples that make up the most toxic relationships and explain why they are not meant or written for each other.

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A toxic relationship is a fairly broad term. It can result from, among other things, incompatible characters. And these, according to many people, are largely defined by the zodiac signs under which we were born or were born. Check out what couples are (probably) not going to make a good and happy relationship, and for what reasons. Some of these may surprise you.

Aries and Taurus

Aries and Taurus? Unfortunately, it won’t work out. These zodiac signs have quite difficult characters — they are nervous, often quarrel and unwilling to let go. Moreover, they have problems with communication. If there is an argument between them, we can expect that it will quickly turn into a more serious conflict. Both sides will bring out the heaviest guns. Aries and Taurus will not relent. They will not be willing to compromise. They will wait for the other side to give up — take the blame and apologize. However, this will never happen. Therefore, they will deal more blows and thus: hurt each other more and more.

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Gemini and Virgo

Gemini and Virgo are another toxic couple. At the beginning of a (romantic) relationship, it may seem that everything is ok. However, over time it becomes clear that people born under these zodiac signs are totally incompatible. What’s more, they get on each other’s nerves. The Virgo zodiac is a perfectionist. Practical and well organized, she always gets what she wants. Moreover, she loves to plan. It will be difficult for her to create a good and happy relationship with Twins who live according to the principle “it will be done somehow”. They are relaxed, spontaneous and sometimes unpredictable. They crave madness, fun and freedom. A romantic relationship with a Virgo may affect them negatively.

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Cancer and Leo

It is said that opposites attract. Perhaps, but unfortunately something good doesn’t always come out of it. Certainly not between a Cancer and a Lion. Why do not they create a happy relationship? We hurry with an answer. Cancer is quite a complicated zodiac sign. He is very sensitive, doesn’t like loneliness and often becomes dependent on his partner. He needs someone who will take care of him — surround him with love as well as tenderness. Unfortunately, living with a Leo who is in love with himself, does everything to get attention from other people, and at the same time doesn’t care what they think or feel, can prove to be very difficult and frustrating for him. Of course, this works both ways. A Leo will only form a happy relationship with someone who admires him and motivates him to keep going. He is unlikely to be happy with a Cancer.

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Scorpio and Pisces

Scorpio and Pisces belong to the group of water signs. Both of them are very emotional. However, the ways in which they show their emotions on a daily basis are definitely different from each other. And this is what makes them toxic to each other. Well, it’s time for more details. Let’s start with the fact that Scorpios talk faster than they think. They don’t care about how their words will affect another person, such as Pisces, who are very easy to hurt. Second: this zodiac sign is very expressive. So it can overwhelm a quiet, sensitive and rather closed-minded partner under the sign of Pisces (or partner). Now let’s look at their relationship from the other side. According to stars, Scorpio may feel restricted in their relationship with Pisces. What is more, he or she might be missing the excitement and craziness that… needs it like air. In general: both zodiac signs may get tired of each other.



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