These things will be fashionable in 2022. Here are the top new trends according to Pinterest!

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Trends 2022: what will be fashionable?

“Before they are everywhere, you can see them here” — write in the introduction the creators of the Pinterest Predicts 2022 report, from which the most important trends of this year emerge. How is this possible? Well, the popular social network, which will celebrate its 12th birthday this year, has long served as a board for inspiration, plans, motivation and visual notes. So much so, in fact, that the growing search results for specific phrases are influenced by the actual popularity of things and experiences, and in turn, help research emerging trends.

Trends 2022: Be jeweled

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Trends 2022: Dopamine dressing

Photo by cottonbro:

Trends 2022: Hot horology

Photo by lilartsy:

Trends 2022: Oh my goth

Photo by Bruno Bueno:

Trends 2022: Check yourself

Photo by Angela Roma :

Trends 2022: Lounge-erie


Trends 2022: Lake it ’til you make it

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Trends 2022: Pearlcore

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Trends 2022: Celestial celebrations

Photo by Tainá Bernard:

Trends 2022: Bestie aesthetic

Photo by Marcelo Chagas:



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