These things will be fashionable in 2022. Here are the top new trends according to Pinterest!

As every year, Pinterest released its famous Predicts report in late December and early January. This document is a real compendium of knowledge for the industry and trendsetters who already want to know what we will desire and be interested in for the next 12 months. Here are the top predictions that will particularly affect what we wear.

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Trends 2022: what will be fashionable?

“Before they are everywhere, you can see them here” — write in the introduction the creators of the Pinterest Predicts 2022 report, from which the most important trends of this year emerge. How is this possible? Well, the popular social network, which will celebrate its 12th birthday this year, has long served as a board for inspiration, plans, motivation and visual notes. So much so, in fact, that the growing search results for specific phrases are influenced by the actual popularity of things and experiences, and in turn, help research emerging trends.

“People use Pinterest to plan for the future. That means we know what’s coming next. It’s not another year-end trend report. It’s a report that’s not yet popular — it’s a window into the future, from a place where people come to plan it,” reads the website, and we learn that as many as 8 out of 10 Pinterest report predictions came true in 2021.

It’s more than certain that it’s worth having your hand on the pulse and taking a close look at what the medium is serving us. Of the 35 trends selected by Pinterest, very many relate directly to fashion, some of which can serve as very loose inspiration. Which ones are particularly worth paying attention to in our opinion?

Trends 2022: Be jeweled

Photo by Marlon Alves:

The era of the minimalist ring, colorful necklaces worn in duets or a pair of chunky gold earrings is over. In 2022, thanks to generation Z, we’ll be adorning everything we can with jewelry and jewelry makeup — especially teeth (so-called tooth gems), skin (dermal piercing, especially around the neckline and neckline), nails (crystals and zircons in pedicures), and eyes in the form of jewelry makeup. It’s worth adding the instagram account of makeup artist Sunni Gonzales, who is unrivaled in this trend, to your followers here. PS Notions such as cross earrings and lip piercings are also on the rise. It’s time for eccentricity in jewelry and lots of flash!

Trends 2022: Dopamine dressing

Photo by cottonbro:

Forget beige, white and black — dopamine dressing, or color, is coming into play. Vibrant and eye-catching hues, brightness, color blocking, juicy total looks and rainbows are some of the most important fashion inspirations this year. Creative heads proclaim that we will be dressing to boost our mood and stimulate the production of dopamine — or the happy hormone — in the brain. Colors worth remembering? Fuchsia, emerald green and intense blue, often given as a component of rainbow or gradient dresses.

Trends 2022: Hot horology

Photo by lilartsy:

It’s about time! Watches, a classic and ageless piece of clothing, will become the object of greatest desire. We will wear them all the time, look for original and eye-catching models (including oversize ones), and replace jewelry bracelets with timepieces. According to Pinterest, interest around terms such as clockwork aesthetic and watch collection display increased by 55% and 65% respectively. Watches will gain huge interest on the Seine this year, and it is here that the trend will especially develop — the French will give timepieces as ideal gifts for their loved ones, as well as build their own watch collections.

Trends 2022: Oh my goth

Photo by Bruno Bueno:

“Goth style will appear mainstream across all age groups this year — but not in the way you might expect. Everyday gothic fashion, gothic clothing for kids, and even gothic kitchen decorations are growing in popularity,” reads another category.

From niche to mainstream, goth is going first in the United States, and since it is America, it will soon spill over to European closets via the Internet. However, it will not be based only on black from head to toe — the trends will include the whole spectrum of this style, and even its different variations, such as mall goth, cybergoth and gothic anime or cowboy goth.

Trends 2022: Check yourself

Photo by Angela Roma :

Even if you don’t play chess or even checkers — no problem. The chessboard, as the most fashionable type of check in 2022, will cover everything. Two-tone squares will appear on carpets, nails, phone cases, and most importantly, our clothes (interestingly, men’s suits in this particular print are especially popular).

Trends 2022: Lounge-erie


Nightwear will have its five minutes, as if it were to see the light of day regularly. We are going to fall in love all over again with satin sets with lace, classic sets, loose shirts and sensual slip dresses for sleeping, The material of 2022? Silk, of course. Pajamas are about to get their own trend review.

Trends 2022: Lake it ’til you make it

Photo by Matt Hardy:

Outdoor and functional fashion, but with a quick trip to the lake in mind. Fishing vests, boating boots, raincoats and fisherman’s caps are just a few of the micro-trends we’ll be wearing every day. After all, lake cabins and tents are the new marine resorts, and those require a specific closet.

Trends 2022: Pearlcore

Photo by Pixabay:

Fashion pearls will take a literal turn this year — the famous clam creations will appear as the main (and sometimes only) piece of jewelry, adorn clothing and accessories, and even our hairstyles, nails and makeup. The pearl color and pattern inspired by the interior of the shell will become the basis of our hairstyles, and the wedding industry will look at them with particular interest.

Trends 2022: Celestial celebrations

Photo by Tainá Bernard:

After months of shutdown and with the pandemic still ongoing, we look longingly at pictures of pre-pandemic parties, and we’d most like to put sweatpants at the bottom of the closet. Pinterest researchers estimate that not only are we not saying goodbye to sequins and glitter, but we’ll be choosing completely cosmic reasons to celebrate with themes completely out of this world. All of these will make the glam style sprinkled with silver dust back in the salons (even if there is only one, and that is in your own home). Astro-style parties and so-called “celestial celebrations” will enter the calendar of events for all of 2022.

Trends 2022: Bestie aesthetic

Photo by Marcelo Chagas:

Same styles, matching jewelry, color matching — this year, friendship is celebrated through fashion, and dressing the same for a party has gone from outlandish to totally cool. Psst Pinterest hints that the best way to celebrate loved ones is to choose friendship rings (just order two of the same), which searches have increased by as much as 50%.



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