The lines on your hand form the letter M? Find out what it means

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Do you have the letter M on your hand? It’s a trait that is found in very few people. What does it say about you?

Palm divination, otherwise known as chiromancy (Gr. cheir — hand, manteia — divination), is a mystical and fascinating art, which (like astrology, the Great and Small Arcana of the tarot or numerological portraiture), according to proponents of this method, can tell us a lot about a person’s life. The history of chiromancy dates back five thousand years, and its cradle is considered to be primarily Eastern countries such as India, Syria and China. The first palm divination was primarily associated with… observation of the sky. Magicians and shamans discovered that the furrows on the inside of our hands resembled lines connecting the stars in given constellations. This is how hand maps were created, on the basis of which events in a person’s life, from birth to death, were determined. The knowledge was passed down orally, from generation to generation.

  • The right hand is called the “hand of free will.” It is responsible for attitude and actions, what a person shows and gives of himself to the outside world.
  • The left hand is called the “hand of destiny.” It speaks of everything that is hidden within us, our inner self, but also situations beyond our control in life. The left palm defines a person’s character, personality, talents, advantages and disadvantages.
  • lifeline,
  • the heart line,
  • head line.
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The lines on your hand form the letter M? You’re in luck!

The letter M formed from the lines of life, heart and head, happens extremely rarely and is reserved for exceptional people. Most often it symbolizes qualities such as:

  • empathy,
  • generosity,
  • intelligence,
  • charisma,
  • leadership abilities,
  • intuition,
  • seeing what others do not see,
  • a knack for business.
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If the lines on your palms form the letter M, we have something to envy you

People who have the letter M on the inside of their hands are born leaders. They are gifted with extraordinary charisma, but are very careful to follow a moral code. As a result, they are often perceived by others as an authority, and people around them count on their opinion.

Do you have the letter M on your hand? There is something really unusual about you!

As we mentioned earlier, a shape resembling the letter M on the hand does not happen very often. According to traditions, beliefs and legends, this distinctive mark was primarily found in great leaders and prophets. People who possess it are endowed with the so-called sixth sense, intelligence and strength, which is an excellent combination and dooms them to success!

  • if it is on the inside of the left palm, it can foretell that our life path will be related to spiritual development and guidance,
  • if it is on the inside of the right palm, it can foretell that our path will be related to business, creation, creating and managing other people.



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