Should you return the ring after breaking off the engagement? This topic still stirs up a lot of controversy.

Should you return the ring after breaking off the engagement? Opinions on this question are divided. Usually we take it with the assumption that it will adorn our hand… forever? But as we know — life writes different scenarios, and even the hottest love sometimes, for various reasons, burns out. So before you make a decision to return your jewelry, we suggest you get to know different approaches to this subject.

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Should you return the ring after breaking off the engagement? We have to admit that the topic is quite delicate. We definitely do not wish for anyone to have to think about it. Unfortunately, the reality is that breaking off an engagement is not a rare occurrence these days. We suggest what to do and how to do it so that in such a moment (let’s not deceive ourselves: usually not easy and very emotional) to remain classy and in good style end something that (by definition) was supposed to last forever.

General rules

Several factors determine whether or not a woman should keep a ring after breaking off an engagement. This symbolic ring is usually treated as a gift from your loved one. So there is no formal obligation to return it when the relationship breaks down — do you give your ex-partner all the gifts you received during the relationship? Moreover, do we expect the same from the other party? Well, that’s exactly what we do. However, there are situations when returning the engagement ring is fully justified and it is simply not right not to do it. One such situation is when a woman breaks off the engagement and it is in good taste to return the ring to her partner. If your partner breaks off the engagement it is common to leave the jewelry behind (as the other party, not to put it romantically, did not fulfill our ‘agreement’).

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We betrayed our partner

What happens when a relationship breaks down because of infidelity or a painful lie and the guilty party is… ourselves? Most often our (former) partner expects us to return the engagement ring. It is worth keeping in mind that if we protest, the other party may even refer to the law on donation and because of our gross ingratitude demand the jewelry back (this happens especially when the ring was very expensive). History knows of cases where such cases have even gone to court. Not to mention the really bad end to our engagement period and the distaste that (in an amplified version) the betrayed/hurt person will feel. Surely no one wants to experience additional stress in these already stressful circumstances…. right?

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Betrayal of our chosen one

In the opposite situation, when our chosen one has committed a heinous act against us, many women decide to leave an engagement ring as a kind of “compensation” for the harm done to them. No, it’s not at all a matter of putting it on your finger every day and brooding over the whole depressing love story. Usually the ring ends up in a store window again and the money from the sale is used by the newly single woman to buy… something for herself. Do we think such a solution is right? It is hard to say. It is not easy at all to judge the decision of a person who has been hurt by his/her partner to such an extent that his/her life plans are completely changed. Certainly, for many women it can help them regain a sense of control and empowerment and, to some extent, help them get through those difficult first months after a break-up.

We recommend, however, that in such a moment you symbolically say goodbye to the past by completely cutting yourself off from it. Giving away your engagement ring can be the first step to starting a new and better chapter… with no distractions around.



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