Shawn Mendes has canceled a tour for a serious reason: “I have reached a critical point”.

Shawn Mendes has canceled a tour. For now, it is known about the performances scheduled for the next three weeks. What will happen next?

[Photo: Josiah VanDien, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons]

Shawn Mendes has just begun his Wonder World Tour. However, he quickly realized that he was not ready to hit the road and perform in front of audiences again. His concerts have been postponed before due to pandemonium. The reason that has now caused the artist to make this decision is no less important. After all, the Canadian singer did it because of his mental health problems. In a touching post on Instagram, he explained to his followers and observers why he made this particular decision and what exactly it was due to.

Shawn Mendes cancels tour

We admire artists who impress us with their talent, infect us with positive energy and inspire us in matters of fashion or beauty. Often, however, behind the created mask is a completely different person. Shawn Mendes also has a face that we wouldn’t recognize looking at him only through the prism of his concert performances. In a situation where he decided to drop that mask, we got to know him completely anew. In doing so, it became clear that the singer’s greatest power is not his vocal talent at all, but the strength he has found within himself to step out of the role he plays and focus on himself, rather than on someone everyone thinks he is. This is remarkable, because it could prove very helpful for people who have not yet discovered a similar strength within themselves.

For many female fans, this news may be a huge disappointment. Others can feel support thanks to the singer’s decision. This is another celebrity who is drawing attention to the issue of mental health and the fact that sometimes we just need to let go of certain things. To date, Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner, among others, have spoken out about their problems. The support of people who pretend to be perfect and look happy shows that mental illnesses do not manifest themselves in stereotypical ways at all. They can eat someone up from the inside, although on the outside everything seems even better than just good. All that’s left for us to do is to wish the artist and all the people who also face similar problems good health. You are not alone!



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