Quiet quitting — what is it? The trend is becoming increasingly popular in relationships and the market

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4 min readNov 10, 2022

What is quiet quitting? — an emotionally stirring new trend that can be seen both at work and in professional life, including in long-term relationships.

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The trend of quiet quitting is gaining momentum. At first, it was talked about primarily in the context of a career and how to do one’s job on a daily basis. However, it turns out that it can also be used in private life, including relationships. Let’s explain what it is, why it can be dangerous, and what to do the moment you notice your partner or partner succumbing to it. Here’s everything you should know about it.

Quiet quitting — what is it?

Quiet quitting or (increasingly common) quiet dumping are fairly recent concepts. The whole thing is based precisely on quitting. The trend was born in the United States, but through social media, led by TikTok, it has gained popularity around the world. It was promoted by the user TikTok, who uses the nickname zaidleppelin. Interestingly, it can be seen not only at work (as it was thought at first), but also in private life. In the latter case, it mainly affects people who are in long-term relationships.

Quiet quitting at work

What is quiet quitting at work? As was mentioned, the trend is about quitting. However — and this is worth emphasizing — it’s not about quitting your job or not fulfilling your duties. People who fit into this concept do exactly as much as they have to — as per the contract they and their employer have signed. They work from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., don’t get ahead of the curve and don’t get emotionally involved. What’s more, they maintain a work-life balance, meaning, for example, they don’t check email during their free time and don’t take unpaid overtime. Although for some, this behavior is something they take for granted, there are many people who are just trying to learn how to do it.

Quiet quitting in a relationship

As it turns out, quiet quitting can also be encountered in relationships. Especially among couples with a long relationship. Although, it is worth noting, this is not the rule. At this point it is worth mentioning another video on TikTok. As we read on “ID”, Daniel Hentschel, who usually shares hilarious and sarcastic content, accidentally noted that quiet resignation or quiet abandonment can be called a situation when a partner almost completely loses interest in you and the feelings connecting you, gives you the bare minimum and/or does not want to be the person responsible for ending the relationship. Many female users and users of the popular app have experienced something like this, as evidenced by the numerous reactions (likes, comments and shares) under the mentioned post.

Unfortunately, quiet quitting or quiet dumping can be dangerous in romantic relationships. This is because it is worth noting that this kind of behavior can negatively affect, let’s call it, the dumped person — lower his self-esteem or shake his self-confidence.

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Quiet quitting in a relationship. What to do if you fall victim to it?

In connection with the above, it is worth considering what to do if you find that your partner or partner is one of the fans and fans of quiet quitting? As it turns out, it can be helpful to have a frank and calm conversation, during which you will talk about your feelings, as well as possible concerns. It may be possible to repair the relationship by doing so. Or vice versa: ultimately end it.

If your partner doesn’t take your concerns into account and isn’t ready to repair the relationship, you know where you stand. If the other person is open to working on what you have in common, spend valuable time together and encourage each other to talk freely about the feelings that accompany you.

It is very possible that the other party is not completely aware of how their behavior (and lack of involvement) is affecting you. Perhaps she is measuring herself against something you don’t know about and also needs support.



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