Popular superstitions — 11 things that bring bad luck.

Probably all of us want our home to be a safe place, filled with only positive aura. Unfortunately, even if we decorate it according to all the rules of feng shui, some items can cause negative energy to invade our nest. What brings bad luck? These things are better to get rid of as soon as possible!

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What brings bad luck? A cracked or broken mirror

Who hasn’t heard of the superstition about broken mirrors. According to popular belief, destroying a mirror will bring us as many years of misfortune as the number of parts it broke into. The situation looks even worse if we decide to look in it before throwing it away. How to deal with a broken mirror? The best way is to pick it up through gloves or a cloth, and then bury it as deeply as possible.

What brings bad luck? Hunting trophies

Decorations that we should expressly get rid of from the apartment are all hunting trophies, such as stuffed animals, antlers and skins. Surrounding yourself with symbols of death and suffering of other living beings will very quickly attract bad energy and unhappiness. Fortunately, these days there is a move away from collecting such artifacts.

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What brings bad luck? Withered flowers

Keeping withered and wilted flowers at home withered flowers is a very quick way to bring a bad aura into it. If you don’t want to attract bad luck, quickly get rid of any plants that have already reached the end of their life.

What brings bad luck? Earrings without a pair

Have you lost one earring, but don’t have the heart to get rid of the other? Unfortunately, if you want to avoid bad luck, you should do it as soon as possible. Remember that if your jewelry is made of silver or gold, you can always melt it down at a jewelry store, for example, for a pendant or ring. According to feng shui, items that have lost their steam attract negative energy and a bad aura to us. The same principle applies to unpaired socks and gloves.

What brings bad luck? Non-functioning appliances

Putting away any non-working appliances at the bottom of the closet is a great way to attract bad luck, boredom and stagnation to your home. If you don’t dabble in repairing equipment, it’s best to get rid of it right away. Remember that electronics should be disposed of in a special trash garbage can!

What brings bad luck? Broken clock

If you notice that a clock or alarm clock has stopped functioning properly, replace the battery in it as soon as possible or return it for repair. According to feng shui, non-functioning watches are a symbol of bad luck, and the hour at which they stopped heralds misfortune.

Image by sommanas kotcharak from Pixabay

What brings bad luck? Broken porcelain

According to Eastern beliefs, the crockery we use represents our luck and prosperity. Using broken and chipped crockery is a quick way to attract trouble and failure to your home. However, the rule does not apply to dishes that have been carefully repaired, glued together or are heirlooms we inherited with good intentions.

What brings bad luck? Rocking chairs

Despite the fact that we most often associate them with a cozy afternoon at grandma’s house, according to an Irish superstition, empty rocking chairs invite evil spirits into the house. What’s more, if the armchair is rocking by itself, it means that negative energy has already taken up residence on it. If this type of furniture is not used, but only serves as decoration, it is better to get rid of it.

What brings bad luck? Outdated calendar

Similar to a non-working watch, an outdated calendar, for example, from the previous year, can make the atmosphere in your apartment significantly worse. If this type of decoration has replaced a picture on your wall, you’d better get rid of it quickly. Remember that any, even unconscious, attempt to “stop time” can attract misfortune.

What brings bad luck? Spilled salt

According to Slavic superstitions, spilled salt is a harbinger of quarrels and disagreements between household members. The level of their intensity will depend on how quickly and thoroughly we clean it up. Sometimes it happens that salt spills in a cabinet, drawer or other hard-to-reach place and we simply do not want to vacuum it up right away. However, if we do not want to attract bad luck, we should not postpone cleaning.

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What brings bad luck? Wrongly placed brush

Bad luck can also be attracted to our household… a broom left in the bristle-up position. This is one of the most popular superstitions with which our mothers and grandmothers are well acquainted. Incorrect placement of the brush can cause bad energy to enter the house, which will effectively chase love out of our lives.

What brings bad luck? Shoes on the table

According to old beliefs, shoes placed on the table (both those on our feet and in the manufacturer’s box) attract poverty and financial troubles to our home. More specifically, they can make us… run out of money for food. If you don’t want to invite this kind of bad luck to your home, before stretching your feet on the table, take off your shoes.



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