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Productivity is one of those buzzwords that accompany us almost every day at work. It appears on the occasion of meetings, where management proudly presents the results achieved, or on the contrary — indicates that productivity must be increased. So what is productivity and why is it so important? Is there anything we as employees can do to increase it? How can we influence it in our personal lives to better achieve our personal goals? Finally, can we do it using natural methods?

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Productivity — what is it?

In simplest terms, it is our results compared to the resources we use. These resources are usually our time, equipment, general psychophysical condition. Almost all companies strive to achieve high results with the least possible use of resources. For this purpose, more and more simple activities are subject to automation and robotization in order to reduce human resources, i.e. the number of full-time jobs in the company. However, human labor is still a key tool for achieving business goals. Therefore, both employers and ourselves should take care of our health and fitness. Without this there is no way to work productively.

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Productivity and work organisation

Work organization is critical to our productivity as employees. We should report to our superiors if we have been given too many responsibilities. Remember that a standard working day consists of ~8 hours, and this is the basic criterion for the division of labour responsibilities. It is important that each of us knows exactly what our duties are. Thanks to this, we will avoid duplication of the same activities, or performing unnecessary ones, which also consume our resources. The key task of our supervisors is to organize our work in such a way that all resources are used rationally, without the risk of exhaustion.

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Productivity and the mental state of the employee

For years mental health was a taboo subject. We did not take into account at all how important our mental state is. Meanwhile, even seemingly harmless disorders can lead to chronic fatigue and even professional burnout. Therefore, we should take care of our psyche. How to do it?

  • Do not treat working after hours as something normal. Our bodies need time to rest and regenerate.
  • Do not avoid physical effort. Paradoxically, it can help us in case of tiredness, which is most often mental. Then the movement, even in the form of a simple walk, oxygenates the cells, and thus almost immediately improves our mood.
  • Let’s not be afraid to rest and let’s not treat our free time as a time for renovation or cleaning the house. Let’s take care of ourselves, go to the spa or just sit quietly with a favorite book. Pleasure and relaxation can bring us daily cosmetic rituals. So let’s indulge in an energizing bath, light your favorite candles, lubricate your body with moisturizing lotion. Let’s discover small pleasures in everyday life.
  • Delegate responsibilities both at work and at home. Humans are not machines; we don’t have to do everything ourselves. Delegating tasks is a very useful skill in professional and private life.
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Additionally, it is worth considering what is the main source of our stress and try to eliminate this factor. If it is not possible, it is worth to minimize its influence.

Productivity and diet

We are what we eat. Therefore it is time to say NO to fast breakfasts eaten or rather swallowed in the company corridor. Set aside at least 20 minutes for a quiet meal. This way not only will we not feel hungry in a while, but we will also protect ourselves from diseases such as stomach ulcers.

Let’s take care of a balanced diet. Yeast cake from time to time has never harmed anyone, but it should definitely not be the basis of our diet. Similarly, hot-dogs or other fast foods of this type.

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Healthy food does not require spending all your free time in the kitchen! Remember that the simpler the food, the better for our health. It can be for example a salad of your favourite vegetables with an addition of boiled or roasted meat. You can prepare more meat, so it can serve as a protein base for a salad for the whole week. All kinds of shakes and light soups with vegetable broth are also a good idea. For snacks use dried fruit or nuts instead of cookies.

Natural boosters

Although a little coffee is a good idea to recharge your energy, you can’t overdo it. In the natural kitchen we have many products that have a positive effect on concentration and mood! What is worth including in your diet? These are above all:

  • dark chocolate
  • nuts
  • maca
  • guarana
  • cacao
  • yerba mate
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We also have a number of supplements available for memory and concentration. It is good that their composition includes: ginseng, brahmi, magnesium, B group vitamins. However, pay attention that there are no unnecessary additives or sugar. And most importantly, make sure you get enough sleep, because without it in the long run any enhancers will not be beneficial for you.



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