Moving — superstitions when moving to a new home. How to ensure good luck when changing apartments?

Superstitions about moving are a river topic. No wonder: a change of apartment is usually associated with stress and reorganization of life, but also with hopes for the future. At such moments, we want to gain control over the situation and add to our happiness. With help come the beliefs and cautions of our grandmothers. If they can help us face the move, why not give them a try?

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Superstitions about moving are a collection of colloquial beliefs about what we should not or necessarily should do when moving our lives to a new place. Some of them are old and almost forgotten, others are still repeated frequently today, and numerous people still believe in them. Superstitions tell how the house should be decorated, furniture should be brought in, when the move to the new house should take place. According to beliefs and superstitions, how can you ensure happiness in your new home?

Superstitions associated with moving

When it comes to superstitions, moving house is a circumstance even created to be overgrown with them. Superstitions related to moving are just a drop in the ocean of commonly held beliefs that can be encountered on a daily basis. Some of them are taken completely seriously, others somewhat with a wink. Many have become so ingrained in our everyday life that it is difficult not to repeat them and think about them. They apply not only to everyday life, but also to important milestone events in people’s lives, and one such event is a change of dwelling. Before citing the most popular superstitions for a new apartment, it is worth recalling what superstitions are.

Superstition, is a common belief in a cause-and-effect relationship between two events (for example: walking under an unfolded ladder causes misfortune, putting a bag on the floor causes money to run away). More often than not, these events have no connection in reality, sometimes only co-occurring at approximately the same time. It is easy to attribute one’s misfortune to the cat that ran across our path in the morning, while it is a bit more difficult to find the actual, often complex, cause. Superstitions allow us to easily and quickly explain reality to ourselves and give the illusion of control over it.

Moving, as a major event and one of the moments that strongly reorganizes life, has lived to see many “own” superstitions. At a moment like moving to a new home, superstitions help to gain a sense of control.

What superstitions for a new apartment are repeated most often and what do they refer to?

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The right choice of housing

Quite a few superstitions concern the choice of a new place to live. Certainly, one should not buy an apartment in which (or residents of which) a tragedy has occurred — a serious accident, death, eviction, burglary, flood, but also divorce. If a young couple moves into an apartment after a divorce, they may suffer the same fate. However, bad energy can be dissipated by burning white sage in the apartment, scattering table salt on the floor or burning a candle entirely. Plenty of superstitions and beliefs are associated with burning candles in windows — specific colors of candles attract certain benefits (red is love, orange energy and strength, green money).

Decorating a new dwelling

Also, decorating a new home should be done thoughtfully. At first, before anything else is inside, a table should be brought into the apartment — a symbol of family ties, meetings, contacts. Do not bring a bed as the first equipment (it can herald illness). Also, do not bring with you junk, broken equipment and junk from the old apartment. Such action prevents you from cutting off from what has passed and starting a new stage in life.

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How to ensure good luck and good fortune?

At the beginning of a new path, it is also a good idea to ensure luck and good fortune. To do this, superstitions tell you to break glass in the apartment (but never a mirror!). The first to cross the threshold of the apartment after the move should be the man with whom he “owns”. What is the task facing the lady of the house? It is worth it for her to scatter small coins in all corners, which will ensure the prosperity of the household. The aforementioned salt scattered on the floor after a few minutes should be swept carefully and thrown away, but always outside the house. Such symbolic actions, according to popular belief, ensure good luck in the new property. They also act as a ritual, and one that is sometimes needed in a situation of major change to calm thoughts and emotions.

Moving on Monday: superstitions

Superstitions about moving often refer to the day of the week on which it should or should not be done. Moving day is understood here as the day of the complete move to the new house or the first night’s stay. According to colloquial beliefs, it should not be done on Sunday. According to the Catholic faith, Sunday is a holy day, and disturbing it by moving furniture and trinkets brings misfortune to the residents. The superstition forbidding moving on Sunday even says that a person who breaks the commandment “will not have a long life,” so it augurs a premature death for family members.

So when should one move? For socialites, the ideal day is Wednesday. It is the move in the middle of the week that augurs “many guests” who will visit the householders throughout the period of living in the new place. But what if the hosts are not particularly extroverted and prefer peace and quiet in the comfort of their property? It is then worth choosing Saturday, a day that is widely considered lucky and good for groundbreaking activities. Not a very good omen, on the other hand, is to move on Monday and Friday, days considered not necessarily happy and suitable for bold life ventures.

What else do superstitions say about choosing a time to move? Certainly, it should not be done on a new or full moon. Some believe that changing premises on a day when a gusty, strong wind blows augurs a “blowing out of the home fire,” thus extinguishing ties and spoiling relationships between family members.

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Moving in November: superstitions

Superstitions about moving also refer to the time of year. First of all, according to numerous beliefs, you should not move in a leap year. It is considered generally unlucky and unsuccessful in advance. Any action taken then, especially large and important ones, is doomed to failure. The biggest mistake is to move on February 29 — such an action constitutes a temptation of fate.

Does this mean that you can successfully move on any day of your choice in the non-fall years? None of that! At such an important moment as moving, superstitions also regulate the month. November is considered unlucky and definitely unsuitable for this purpose. In Christian culture, the entire month of November, not just its beginning, is a celebration of the dead. It is widely believed to be a month of reverie and sadness, unsuitable for making important life decisions and implementing them. According to superstition, it is better to hold off on moving until after November is over.

Do superstitions about moving make sense? They have certainly taken root in our culture and can often be encountered, especially in conversation with older people. Some people attach importance to them when planning relocation activities. If time is pressing and the best possible date nevertheless falls in November, or we can only get help to move furniture on a Monday, do not block the action because of the date that falls. Remember that superstitions are more wishful thinking than “fulfillment.”



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