How to take care of a tattoo so that the skin is not irritated and the design does not lose its intensity?

A tattoo requires proper care. And not only after it has been made. Find out how to take care of it, so that it remains in good condition for all the years and does not lose its distinctive colors and sharp contours. We suggest how to treat leather and patterns so that they look perfect for years.

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Thinking about getting a tattoo? This decision requires thought and proper preparation. Before visiting a professional studio you should remember not only that the design will stay with you forever (well, unless you decide to remove the tattoo), but also the need for specialized care. Especially at the beginning when the wound is fresh. How to take care of black tattoos and colored tattoos? What to do to make them stay clear for longer. Here is everything you need to know on this subject.

How to support the skin to heal nicely after a tattoo?

How to take care of a tattoo after getting it? What should you do to your skin so that it can heal properly after getting a tattoo? This part of the article may turn out to be especially important for people who just got their first tattoo. So we rush to answer the most important questions about skin care after a visit to a tattoo parlor.

After the tattoo is done, the tattoo artist covers the inked skin with a special film that acts as a bandage. While food wrap used to be used, more professional products are now available. This type of film can protect the tattoo for up to two days after it has been applied. Of course, you should ask your tattoo artist or tattoo artist about the details.

After the designated time has passed, you can remove the film and let the skin breathe. You should now rinse the wound with lukewarm water and appropriate (mild) soap. The fresh tattoo is gently dried with a clean disposable towel.

Aftercare for the tattoo is to apply a thin layer of lubricating ointment to the design. This is very important because the flesh in this area tends to dry out. Therefore, if we care about preserving beautiful color and good condition of the tattoo, we should lubricate it with appropriate ointments. On the market there are ointments and creams dedicated to fresh tattoo care. They can be purchased in selected studios as well as online.

Once you know what to lubricate your tattoo with, a particular ointment should become your closest friend. It should have an antibacterial effect on the open wound. It is also important that it has a regenerative effect on our skin and has in its composition vitamin A or E.

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How many times a day should you lubricate the tattoo?

It is important to lubricate the design up to four times a day for at least 14 days. Do not exaggerate with the layer of ointment — it should be rather thin. It is also advisable to rinse the tattoo with hypoallergenic soap before applying the ointment.

After three weeks you will move on to daily care. The most important thing is to remember that the tattoo likes to be moisturized and lubricated.

How to take care of a fresh tattoo?

A fresh tattoo requires special treatment. It is very important to protect the design from dirt and infection during the initial healing period. It is crucial to accelerate skin regeneration and thus prevent premature color loss.

When you remove the protective film from the skin, you may notice swelling and redness. You should not panic then, because it is natural. In this situation it is necessary to wash the skin with tattoo soap or warm water with gel, then dry it with a paper towel and finally lubricate the whole with ointment.

Then a new bandage is applied which is supposed to provide the tattoo with proper protection. It is advisable to use a special tattoo film that will protect the tattoo from dirt and the roughness of your clothes. Special films allow steam to pass through, so the skin can breathe freely and the wound heals faster.

A fresh tattoo at night also requires special treatment. You should avoid sleeping on the tattooed skin and protect it with a cotton T-shirt or other piece of clothing. It all depends on where your design is located. It is also important to make sure that the bedding is clean so that the wound does not come into contact with dirt, dust and bacteria.

We should also keep in mind that it is not advisable to consume alcoholic beverages for a minimum of two days after the salon visit. Drinking alcohol can cause the wound to heal slower, and it also makes the skin more vulnerable to infection. Intense exercise should also be avoided for the first few days after getting a tattoo.

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How to care for a tattoo after it has healed?

After healing, it’s time for daily tattoo care. This is just as important as caring for a fresh design. In order to keep the tattoo’s clear contours and not lose its color, it is necessary to follow a few (simple) rules.

To begin with, it is important to keep hygiene in mind. The healed pattern should be washed daily with mild tattoo gels or soaps, which allow not only to clean but also moisturize the skin, which in turn ensures that the intensity of the colors is maintained.

Besides hygiene, it is necessary to moisturize the skin properly. It is not at all necessary to devote long hours to this task. It is enough to regularly lubricate the design with tattoo cream or butter to ensure proper moistening. Tattoo lubrication should be done after every shower. This prevents the epidermis from drying and peeling which in turn helps to stop the colors and contours of the tattoo from fading.

Besides, you can also reach for cosmetics that are typically designed for tattooed skin care. They are rich in the right nutrients and moisturizers which may be insufficient in regular skin care cosmetics.

And how to take care of a tattoo in the summer? This is the period when designs are much more prone to fading, so they need special attention. The most important rule is to properly protect the tattoo from sunlight. It is necessary to use creams with high protection factor (spf 50) that will be a protective shield for our skin. It is also worth investing in cosmetics designed specifically for tattoos. Their formula is focused on color protection.

Remember that we do not use sunscreens only on vacation or when deliberately exposing our skin to the sun. They should be applied every day, before leaving home. After all, we do not want to let the pattern fade under the influence of harmful UV radiation to the skin.

How to take care of a colored tattoo versus a black tattoo?

Basically, there is no difference between a black tattoo and a colored tattoo. Both require the same specialized care. The intensity of their colors can fade in the same way, which gives an uninteresting visual effect. However, we should remember that the aging process of tattoos can be slowed down.

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To do so, it is worth remembering the basic rules. The first one is protecting a fresh tattoo with a special, breathable foil. This will allow your skin to regenerate and recover quickly.

The second rule is to wash the skin every day with a delicate soap or gel for tattoos. It is designed to thoroughly clean and moisturize our skin, which in turn will lead to strengthening the color intensity of our design.

The third rule is a daily, regular care of the tattoo. For this purpose, it is necessary to apply butter or cream for tattoo several times a day. In this way, the epidermis is moisturized and nourished, which provides protection against drying and fading.

At the very end, you should remember about sun protection. It is essential on hot, sunny days, but not only then. It is best to apply cosmetics with UV filters before leaving home, regardless of the season. For this purpose it is worth to use creams specially designed to protect tattoos.

These are the basic rules that should be applied if you want your tattoo to look impeccable all the time.

An interesting fact is that light ink colors (like white) tend to fade faster than dark ones. The fading process depends on several factors. It has to do with, among other things, where on the body the ink was made. The worst case is when the tattoo is often exposed to rubbing — between the thighs, on the feet, wrists or on the inside of the fingers. Ink composition is also important. Remember to tattoo only in reputable salons and to use professional products of known manufacturers. And finally — you should take care of the tattoo by following the above mentioned rules.

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How to protect a tattoo so that it stays clear and pretty longer?

If we want our tattoo to always look like new, we have to take care of it properly. Nowadays the task is easier as there are many specialised products on the market dedicated to tattooed skin. They accelerate healing, regenerate, soothe and also act antibacterially.

The key to caring for a small work of art is sun protection, mentioned several times already. We will repeat this until weary. After getting a fresh tattoo you should not expose your skin to the sun or tanning bed at all. It may cause blurring and fading of the design. While the wound is healing, it is best to hide it under your clothes or cover it with an appropriate dressing.

It is also worth to regularly lubricate the stained skin with specialized products that will ensure elasticity and hydration of the skin and thus the tattoo will remain fresh, sharp contours and vivid colors.

Let’s remember that taking care of a tattoo is first and foremost in our hands. If we regularly moisturize and clean the skin, protect it from harmful external factors — the design will thank us with clarity and durability of colors.



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