How to make a dream catcher? Original gift idea with soul.

Are you looking for an idea for a beautiful and original gift? Or maybe you are decorating your apartment, and your bedroom has free space for an original decoration? Try creating a DIY dream catcher! This unusual decoration carries magical symbolism, and the process of creating it is quick, easy and fun. Convinced?

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Dreamcatcher: legend and meaning

Dreamcatchers continue to grow in popularity. They are most often chosen as decoration for homes and apartments decorated in boho style. But where do these original decorations come from and what is the meaning behind them? Dreamcatchers originate from the beliefs and customs of Indian tribes of North America. They were used as amulets to protect against nightmares. Hanging primarily by children’s cribs, dream catchers were meant to catch and imprison bad dreams to allow comforters to experience peaceful, uninterrupted nights. However, to fulfill this role, in most beliefs, the dream catcher should first be enchanted by a shaman or other spirit guide. The color of this magical ornament was also important: the color of the string or ornaments used carried the appropriate symbolism.

Originally, dreamcatchers were made from small twigs and animal tendons, but as time passed, they began to use braided pieces of string or fishing line. Dreamcatchers gained additional elements, such as feathers, wooden beads or metal bells. Nowadays, a dreamcatcher can be a beautiful decoration that you can easily make yourself at home. Whether you believe in its symbolism or are just looking for a stylish addition to your home decor: you will be pleased with the result!

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Materials for making a dream catcher

The design of the dream catcher is based on a hanging wooden or metal hoop, into which a string web is woven, in a shape reminiscent of macramé. Braiding this type of pattern by hand may seem difficult, especially to people who have not had much to do with, so-called, hand knitting before. Don’t worry: creating a string “spider web” on your own won’t require much skill, but it may take you a long time the first time.

An easier and faster way to make a dream catcher, is to use a piece with a ready-made pattern (for example, an embroidered round doily), and place it in the hoop using thread or string. A decoration made this way will be a little different in appearance from a standard dreamcatcher, but it will perform its decorative function just as well. Choosing this way is also a good idea if you want to use making a dreamcatcher as a creative activity for your children. The smallest kids may find it difficult to braid patterns from string on their own, it will be much easier for them to use a napkin.

Thus made, the base of the dream catcher is ready for accessories, and what you decorate it with depends only on your imagination! At the bottom of the hoop you can hang feathers, bells, a rope with wooden beads or mini dream catchers in a similar aesthetic. You can make the ornament in any color you want, so that it matches your bedroom decor. The whole process of creating a dreamcatcher should not take more than 2 hours.

  • a wooden or metal hoop with a diameter of about 30 cm,
  • several smaller wooden hoops,
  • a round embroidered napkin with a pattern (easier version),
  • string (more difficult version),
  • scissors,
  • additional decorations, such as wooden beads, feathers or hanging bells.

Once you have gathered all the necessary products, you can get down to making a dream catcher. If you don’t feel up to braiding the string net yourself yet, choose an easier version that uses an embroidered doily. For step-by-step DIY dreamcatcher recipes in both versions, see below!

Make your own DIY dreamcatcher from scratch. See how to make one!

Decided to make a DIY dreamcatcher and chose the way with an embroidered doily? Here are step-by-step instructions to help you create it.

  1. Prepare a wooden or metal hoop with a diameter of about 30 cm, and then fit an embroidered doily to its size. The hoop should be larger than the napkin by about 2–3 cm. If the napkin is too large, trace the appropriate size on it with a compass, and then cut off the excess using scissors.
  2. Arrange the napkin in the center of the hoop, maintaining symmetry, and then start attaching it with a string.
  3. Put the string through one of the side eyelets of the napkin, then pull it under the bottom of the hoop and thread it from the top through the next eyelet.
  4. Repeat the action until the string is threaded through all the outer eyelets of the napkin. Remember not to stretch it too much: try to keep the napkin symmetrically placed in the center of the hoop at all times.
  5. Stretch the string so that the napkin tightens in the hoop, and then tie it to the other end in a knot. Cut off the excess string with scissors.
  6. Thus made dream catcher base is ready for decoration. At the bottom of the hoop, attach several pieces of string or ribbon, of the length of your choice. Then tie beads, feathers or bells on them, or leave the ribbons unattached.
  7. At the top point of the hoop, place a small loop or hook on which you will hang the dream catcher.
  8. Done! You can use the dream catcher made this way to decorate your home or gift it to a close and special person.
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

How to make a dream catcher from string?

Are you ready for the challenge and want to braid the decoration yourself from scratch? Here is a step-by-step recipe for a dream catcher from string:

  1. Prepare a wooden or metal hoop with a diameter of about 30 centimeters, and then wrap it with thin string, yarn or ribbon in the color of your choice.
  2. Measure the circumference of the circle and divide it into 8 equal parts, tying a loop of string at the given places on the hoop.
  3. Then tie a loop exactly in the middle of each string, connecting the two previous loops.
  4. Add another circle of string, tying a loop in the middle of the string connecting the two previous loops. Repeat the activity until you fill the string pattern with all the space in the hoop. You can use the same string again and again, or mix up different colors.
  5. When the net is ready, get busy choosing additions to the “tail” of the catcher. For this, you can braid several smaller hoops in the same way, and then attach them symmetrically at the bottom of the main hoop with string or ribbon.
  6. You can also attach feathers in the colors of your choice, wooden or glass beads on string or ribbon, or small metal bells to the finished catcher. How you decorate your dream catcher depends solely on your imagination.
  7. Finally, tie a wide loop of string or attach a hook to the tip of the hoop.
  8. Ready! You can hang the dream catcher made this way by your bed, in the window, or at the main entrance to your house.
Photo by ROMAN ODINTSOV from Pexels



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