How to lose 5 kg in one month without yoyo effect?

Many people wonder how to lose 5 kg in a month without the yoyo effect. Would you like to lose weight too? Then forget about starvation or miracle diets and check how to do it in a safe way for your body.

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How to lose 5 kg in one month? And is it even worth it? First of all, remember that you may or may not want to — you are beautiful and valuable no matter what size you are. However, if you want to lose weight, you should prepare for it. To get the results you want, you need to be patient and sensible. Do not starve yourself and do not believe in so-called miracle diets, the principles of which you can read about on the Internet. Instead, consult a dietician or nutritionist, pay attention to your eating habits and take care of physical activity (of course without exaggeration). What else is worth taking care of to lose weight? Check it out below.

How to lose weight to achieve the effect without negative consequences?

Weight loss is a sensitive topic for people who have tried to lose weight at least once, but — despite many efforts — have not succeeded. Do you belong to this group? Then it is worth answering the question: are you really not losing weight or have you set yourself an unrealistic goal to achieve in a given time and therefore the results are not satisfactory?

The correct rate of weight loss is 0.5–1 kg per week. This is a realistic time for burning fat in such a way that your body doesn’t start to cannibalize itself. So if you assumed that you want to lose 10 kg in one month — there may be a problem. Either you will succeed (at the expense of draconian diets and many hours of murderous workouts), but you will quickly get the yo-yo effect, or your weight will still be unsatisfying.

Losing 5 kg in a month is, with mobilization and persistence, a real and relatively easy result. In a healthy person it should also not damage your health. But of course we recommend consulting your doctor or dietician / nutritionist, as well as doing some basic research. Don’t forget that health comes first.

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What happens when the weight comes off too fast?

If you are losing weight much faster, you are probably losing water, followed by muscle. However, fat tissue is doing very well at this — it is stored by the body in the face of too much calorie deficit. When this happens, the body starts to store up reserves, and draws energy from muscle. So if you follow a draconian, low-calorie and deficit diet, you can achieve the desired weight, but you must remember two important things.

First of all, you put your body at risk, exposing it to nutrient, vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Secondly, you will not enjoy the effect for long — you will “make up” the lost kilograms very quickly once you start eating normally again.

The result will be completely different from the assumptions. Is it worth it? Definitely not.

The basis of permanent, safe for the body weight loss is to set yourself a realistic goal — overcoming successive stages will be faster and more effective, which will mobilize for further struggle.

How to lose 5 kg in a month?

The theory is already here — now it’s time for practice. How to lose 5 kg in a month? By following an easily digestible diet, moving as much as possible and drinking plenty of fluids. In addition, getting enough sleep and using dietary supplements (including those in the form of natural fat burners, such as some fruits and spices) will help.

The rules of the diet to lose 5 kg in a month are quite simple. First, calculate your daily caloric needs and then reduce your calorie intake by about 300 kcal. To do this:

  • eat 5 wholesome meals a day;
  • start the day by drinking a glass of water with honey and the juice of half a lemon;
  • be sure to eat breakfast;
  • vary each meal with a portion of vegetables or fruit;
  • limit the intake of sugar and salt, or preferably eliminate them from your diet
  • drink plenty of fluids (water, herbal teas), preferably 2–2.5 liters a day.
    Energy gained from breakfast will give you strength for the whole morning, and water with honey and lemon juice will help get rid of deposits from the intestines, thus accelerating the body’s detoxification. Fruits and vegetables are rich in water and fiber, making you feel full faster and longer.

Fruits also have naturally occurring sugars, so you will also satisfy your need for something sweet. It is definitely better to eat two apples than a piece of cake.

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Can you lose 5 pounds in a month without exercise?

You are not a fan of physical activity and you wonder how to lose 5 kg in a month without exercise? It is possible, but:

  • it will require you to be more disciplined about your diet, as well as an increased calorie deficit;
  • the effect will be less satisfying — exercise strengthens muscles, and these — sculpt your figure;
  • you may become more irritable — snacks will certainly tempt you and refraining from eating them can be quite stressful. Exercise releases endorphins — it’s the best way to speed up your weight loss results, and it’s also good for your mood!

So even if you are the type of couch potato, try to mobilize yourself to physical activity. You don’t have to run a marathon right away — even if instead of taking the bus or streetcar to the end of the route, you get off 2 stops earlier and walk the rest of the way in a fast pace.

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5 kg in a month — a weekly menu

You don’t need a special menu to lose 5 kg in a month. You just need to stick to some of the most important rules. First of all:

  • Eliminating processed food — it is full of preservatives that hinder metabolism and excretion of toxins. Such food is also full of empty calories, with a predominance of carbohydrates, which will make you feel full for a short time;
  • Planning your meals — this way you will avoid snacking between meals, and you will simply eat what you want. Weight loss will be easier and more pleasant;
  • Eat your last meal 2–3 hours before going to bed — the rule that says that dinner should be eaten no later than 6 pm is not entirely accurate. Someone who goes to bed late will just be hungry. This is even worse than eating late;
  • Reducing the calorie content of your meals as the day progresses — you can eat more in the morning and at noon, including something sweet. During the day you will need energy, so you will burn those calories. The later the day, the slower your metabolism will be. So dessert and dinner should be easy to digest and have few calories.
  • Add a fruit or vegetable to every meal — this will provide you with vitamins and minerals, sweet fruit will also satisfy your need for sugar.

Slimming this way will be easy and pleasant, you will see results faster, which will mobilize for further action, and the whole process will run without harming your health.

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5 kg diet in a month — sample meals

Don’t you have any ideas what to eat? We suggest some valuable, non-fattening meals:

  • oatmeal with fruit;
  • banana pancakes;
  • baked or steamed chicken breast with salad;
  • pan-seared vegetables with chunks of chicken, seasoned distinctively;
  • mediterranean salad;
  • buckwheat groats with spinach, mushrooms and chicken;
  • scrambled eggs with tomatoes.

Try to choose meals that are filling but also enjoyable to eat.

How to avoid the yo-yo effect?

The yo-yo effect is the return to the original weight after weight loss treatment. The yo-yo effect occurs when you’ve been on a draconian diet: deficient, very low-calorie, low-value. In such conditions, the body stores fat “for a rainy day”, and draws energy from the muscles.

Weight loss is therefore illusory, and when returning to previous eating habits, the lost kilograms come back very quickly.

So if you want to avoid the yo-yo effect, do not reduce the calorie content of your meals by more than 300 kcal compared to your daily requirements.



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