How to develop creativity: a list of 6 ways. Why is it important to spark creativity?

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How to develop creativity? We often ask ourselves this question. We live in a time of innovation, progress, and new technologies. In each of these areas, creativity plays a key role. It is she who makes us able to look at things that have been useful in one way so far and use them for something else. It is thanks to creativity that the technologies we use every day, such as clothing, cars, phones and food processors, are improved. Why should one develop creativity? What are the benefits of being creative, and what are we losing by not nurturing it within ourselves?

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Developing creativity: why is it worth it?

Wanting to do well in the current world of digitization and continuous development, it is necessary to develop the ability to respond quickly to the obstacles and challenges that life presents. Out-of-the-box and brilliant thinking helps to solve everyday problems and, in addition, to productively exploit the fact that they have arisen. That’s what creativity is. If we don’t look for new solutions every day and stand still, if only from the perspective of the job market, we become unattractive. Even when running your own business, where everyone around you is introducing newer and newer innovations and improvements to their products.

When else do we use creativity? In situations when something has gone wrong at work and we are called to the proverbial “rug” to the boss. Despite the fact that we made a mistake we are able to get out of it and change the employer’s negative attitude towards us with a brilliant response. More than once it probably happened to you “somehow manage”. Probably creativity helped you at that moment!

How to develop creativity: follow your curiosity

Today, access to information and knowledge is very easy. Unfortunately, the plethora of knowledge reaching us every day, which very often is of no use to us — simply tires us out. Because of this, we are not able to catch what really interests us. How do we cope with this, and how does it relate to creativity? Try not to delve into more topics that are of little use to you. Don’t even dwell on them for a moment. On the other hand, if something catches your attention, something interests you, spend time on it! Do not worry that an interesting and new issue may not be an area in which you are proficient. You may not have discovered all of them yet. Take interest and delve hard into those topics that have sparked your curiosity. There’s a reason why great explorers have come up with their best ideas over the years by doing seemingly trivial things like observing nature or exploring different areas of artistic work.

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How to develop creativity: focus on simple things

We use a myriad of objects every day, such as a pencil, a phone charger, a light bulb, or a shower faucet. You can list endlessly, but have you wondered how they work, how they are made, or why they function so efficiently? If so, great — you can be sure that this time has not been in vain! If not, it’s a good idea to get started. It’s good then to “disassemble” the item in question, dissect what elements it consists of and how they may have been made. Use such readily available teaching aids to know how a gas burner works in the kitchen, for example. These activities alone develop the ability to think creatively, and the knowledge acquired while doing them will come in handy for creating new, original conveniences at least in your own home. Following this path, you play the role of the discoverers of a given object, and as we know, pioneers in a given field were most often characterized by enormous creativity. It is worth taking an example from them.

How to develop creativity, and openness to new sensations

Doing the same thing over and over again, our brains and bodies stop developing and operate from “automatic”. This is not good for anyone, so one should constantly seek new challenges. Don’t be afraid to learn activities that we have never done before. Take a positive approach to a new job, a new place to live, or a hobby. Then we will grow, and we may find that activities we have not done before give us a lot of pleasure. There are cases of people who had to completely change their profession or their occupation by some fortuitous event and it turned out that they were made for it. Just because you’ve never done something before doesn’t mean you can’t be great at it!

Photo by Rakicevic Nenad from Pexels

How to develop creativity: do it yourself

Do you happen to turn to a loved one, work colleague or neighbor for help? Do you look for a ready answer, or a solution on the Internet? Probably everyone has had such a situation at least once in his life. Nevertheless, in order to develop your creativity, you should first try to solve a problem yourself. Before you ask your dad to help you replace a part in your car, start figuring things out yourself. Before you ask a colleague at work who knows computer programs better than you, try it yourself. Things won’t always work out right away. There is no need to worry about that. The important thing is to keep trying, because this is the best way to grow.

How to develop creativity: meet new people

The beautiful thing is that every person is different. Everyone is better at something different, has different experiences, experiences and a different view of an issue. That’s why it’s so important not to close yourself off to contacts with other people. The world is full of interesting people. Whether it’s a social outing with friends, a business conversation, or a casual exchange with another parent waiting with you for your little one outside the nursery. You can pick up a different perspective on a given situation from each comment. Drawing inspiration from others and listening to different views will greatly broaden your own horizons, and thus develop your creativity. Sometimes, when trying to solve a problem, you may think about how those around you would approach it. Someone’s seemingly insignificant statement can be the seed of a great idea. So be open to people and your head will open to new ventures.

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How to develop creativity: start alone

Not everyone is confident, an excellent speaker, or has leadership aptitude. Often, presenting an underdeveloped but good idea in a group can have poor results. It is likely that your idea will be criticized. Unfortunately, it is often the case that subconsciously people kill each other’s creativity. The way to deal with this is to create in solitude, which is conducive to innovative ideas. You won’t expose yourself to criticism, let your imagination run wild and calmly refine your idea. The next important step is to find a circle of like-minded people who will motivate you and support you in your new project. Sometimes during the creation process you lose hope that what you are doing makes sense. That’s why it’s so important to have someone who believes as strongly as we do in achieving the goal. Remember, solitude helps to think creatively, but more than one pair of hands is useful in the implementation process.

Let’s develop no matter what age or situation we are in. The ability to think creatively opens up many avenues and provides a great deal of opportunities in everyone’s life. It comes in handy every day, and sometimes we don’t even realize that we have achieved so much through creativity. An open head, positive thinking and personal development is the key to success.

How to develop creativity: useful boredom

Asked what advice he would give to budding writers, prominent American novelist Neil Gaiman replied without hesitation:

“You must allow yourself to be bored. Why? Then your mind will have nothing better to do than to tell yourself a fascinating story,” explained the author of “Sandman” and “American Gods.

And you must know that he was not the only one to see in boredom the key to success. The benefits of boredom were mentioned by Agatha Christie, among others, Anish Kapoor spoke about it. Increasingly, academics and scientists are also pointing out that the absence of activities is essential for the awakening of creativity (and this claim has support in various studies).

“Boredom in itself is not creative what’s important is what it leads to”, argues John Eastwood, a psychologist at the Boredom Lab at York University in Canada. “When you’re bored, you feel discomfort, dissatisfaction, and this motivates exploration. There’s a real opportunity to discover something new in the gap”, the specialist points out.

So if you really want to trigger out-of-the-box thinking, allow yourself to do nothing from time to time.

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