How to apply lipstick? French women have found a way to do it that changes everything. And it looks great!

Photo by Ali Pazani:

How to apply lipstick? The original way of French women

Long gone are the days when an intense red lipstick perfectly applied on the lips was considered an attribute of French women. Today, the most stylish Parisian it-girls reach for other colors too. It’s enough to mention Jeanne Damas, the founder of Rouje (French for “pink” or “lipstick”), who — both in her brand’s offer and as an example herself — promotes lipsticks in raspberry or dirty pink shades. And she urges you to apply them casually, as if you’ve already had a few sips of wine.

French women’s favorite lipsticks

Eléonore Léo Jeanne, whose favorite lipstick is Chanel Rouje Allure Velvet, talked about it.



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