How to apply lipstick? French women have found a way to do it that changes everything. And it looks great!

Wondering how to apply lipstick for best results? Get inspired by the French way. Different from the rest, flirty, nonchalant… That’s its charm!

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How do I apply lipstick? If you look for the answer to this question in the classic advice books, you’ll read that you can apply it directly on the lips (after all, it usually comes in the convenient stick form) or that you can use a brush. You’ll know to apply color from the corners of your mouth towards the center (to avoid applying too much product) and to apply a protective lipstick on your lips before you begin, then line them with a lipliner in a shade similar to your lipstick. However, if you were to ask French women the same thing, you’d hear something completely different. Especially since everything they do is accompanied by a large dose of nonchalance. So, how to use lipstick according to French women? You will be surprised!

How to apply lipstick? The original way of French women

Long gone are the days when an intense red lipstick perfectly applied on the lips was considered an attribute of French women. Today, the most stylish Parisian it-girls reach for other colors too. It’s enough to mention Jeanne Damas, the founder of Rouje (French for “pink” or “lipstick”), who — both in her brand’s offer and as an example herself — promotes lipsticks in raspberry or dirty pink shades. And she urges you to apply them casually, as if you’ve already had a few sips of wine.

But it was not this way of applying lipstick that surprised us the most. The breakthrough came from Eléonore Léo Jeanne and Camille Yolaine, who don’t like to limit themselves to just one way of applying lipstick, they also apply it… on their cheeks! Proving that a classic lipstick can also be used as a blush and that it gives a great and natural effect — just like after a morning jog (which French women willingly give up). This is all the more reason why French women tend to use cosmetics that are close to their natural lip shade.

French women’s favorite lipsticks

Eléonore Léo Jeanne, whose favorite lipstick is Chanel Rouje Allure Velvet, talked about it.

“I wear it almost every day, especially when I have important meetings ahead of me,” confessed the influencer in an interview with the British edition of “Vogue” magazine, adding that she has a “special fondness for it because its scent reminds her of the lipstick her mother used when she was a child”.

Camille Yolaine, on the other hand, is promoting a lipstick she created for her own brand named after her (in the shade Daphné). She praises it for its pleasant creamy formula and the matte finish it leaves on her lips. And on the cheeks, too, because, she points out, it works great as a blush. Mascara and a touch of concealer is all an influencer can reach for. Nothing else is needed! Even if you are wearing a simple T-shirt and jeans.

But these are not the only lipsticks that French women love. Among the favorites of Parisian women you can also find lipsticks of other French brands (yes, when it comes to cosmetics, French women are patriotic): Yves Saint Laurent, Hermès or L’Oreal. We would add MAC or Gucci to the list. Get inspired!



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