How do zodiac signs cope with a breakup? Which ones take the longest to heal a broken heart?

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Cancer may try to slander their ex, Virgo will take an analytical approach, and Sagittarius will find it hard to let go. Check out how each zodiac sign handles a breakup!

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Breakups are not the most pleasant experiences. They are usually difficult and painful. Each and every one of us reacts to them differently. But, as it turns out, the way we cope with the change of relationship status may be related to the zodiac sign under which someone was born. What do the stars say? We explain how each zodiac sign handles a breakup, as well as which ones take the longest to heal a broken heart.


Aries loves to compete. Even in areas where there is really no room for racing. This includes changing the status of a relationship. So after a breakup, the zodiac Aries will do everything to “get back together” faster than his ex. If this turns out to be extremely difficult and he will suffer, he will certainly not let it show. It is also worth mentioning that a person born under this zodiac sign tends to make rash decisions. Therefore, he or she may regret a breakup that he or she initiated. She will certainly try to correct her mistake. Messages or phone calls with apologies, letters, surprises and similar gestures guaranteed.


This zodiac sign is romantic by nature and are considered to be ideal for living in a duo. At the same time they do not like changes. Therefore, they can fight for their loved one for a very long time. They are able to do a lot to save the feeling between them. If, despite this, it comes to a breakup, Taurus will long think about it, analyze it, wonder why things in the heart went in such and not another direction. Of course, on your own couch, in comfortable clothes and a glass of wine in your hand. So do not expect fits of rage or a desire for revenge.

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Gemini have a multifaceted personality. There is no doubt that they will show each of their faces during a breakup as well as right after it. While it may seem like they are doing something out of spite, such as revenge, in reality, they are just that way. So it’s hard to blame them for it. Zodiac Gemini who have had their hearts broken will certainly be happy to tell their friends about their experiences. Of course, they will slightly color the whole story, they can also slightly change the facts selected by them.


Cancer is a complicated zodiac sign. To begin with, it forms a kind of protective armor that is very difficult to break through. When he lets someone into his world, he gets heavily involved. He is emotional, sensitive and delicate. That’s why a subsequent breakup is extremely hard for him. Unfortunately (regardless of the reasons why the relationship ended) Cancer may try to slander his/her ex-partner. Being heartbroken, he/she will definitely need support and tenderness from someone close, such as a friend.

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Leo is one of the most impetuous signs of the zodiac. This can be seen, among other things, during a breakup. When a person born between July 23 and August 22 decides to end a relationship, they are usually confident in their decision and are comfortable with all the changes involved. If, on the other hand, the other party is the initiator, Leo will be devastated. Above all, he will find it hard to believe that he is no longer interesting to someone. He will need someone close by, but at the same time he will not want to let the world feel that something is wrong. Of course, it is worth mentioning that people under this zodiac sign are very strong. They will cope with all difficulties. However, with time, they will need more time.


Virgo is the queen of perfectionism. There is no room for coincidence in her life; she analyses everything carefully. This applies, among others, to matters of the heart. If she talks about a breakup, it means that she is sure of her decision. She wants to end a given stage and move on. For her own peace of mind, she may avoid the so-called drama, she may even take all the blame. It will not be so easy in case the breakup takes Virgo by surprise. It will certainly be difficult for her to let go. She will spend the next hours thinking and analyzing, creating balance sheets of profits and losses resulting from the change in the status of the relationship.

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How does the zodiac Libra handle a breakup? Quite well. She will certainly want to make both parties comfortable. This is true no matter who initiates the breakup. She will do everything to stay on good terms with her ex-partner. In addition, she will make sure that everyone (family, loved ones, and even casual observers on Instagram) has seen that the decision to end the relationship was mature, thoughtful, and good for everyone.


A breakup will be very difficult for Scorpio. A person born under this zodiac sign will appear calm, composed, and reconciled to the decision they made (by themselves or not). Even loved ones will not realize that something is wrong here. Reality, however, will turn out to be a little different. Because not only will Scorpio feel abandoned, he will also have a hard time forgetting about his ex-partner / his ex-partner. First, he or she will block the ex on social media, and then try to find out how he or she is doing. Seemingly out of the blue, he’ll ask mutual friends about it or create a new account on Instagram or some other app to find answers to his question. Of course, he won’t tell anyone about it.

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Sagittarius loves and appreciates freedom. He is constantly moving on, wanting more. After a breakup that was his initiative, he simply takes his things and walks away. He looks for new stimuli. It can be more difficult when it is someone who decides to end a relationship with Sagittarius. In this case, the person born between November 22 and December 21 will do everything to rebuild the relationship. He will try to correct the mistakes he made in the past, he will get involved and try to rekindle the fire in the relationship. Will he succeed? That is another question altogether.


Capricorn is very loyal and can be counted on. He believes in true love. He can build lasting relationships — ones that will survive even the worst. But he is also a realist. He accurately assesses whether a relationship has a future or not. If not, he ends it with class. When his/her partner wants to separate, he/she will not keep him/her despite his/her will. He/she will let him/her go. He/she will simply accept what has just happened in his/her life.

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For Aquarius, a breakup does not mean the end, but… a new beginning. It is an approach that will make him accept the changes in his life. What’s more, he will want to emphasize them further. What does that mean? Only Aquarius knows the answer to this question. It may be a change of image (e.g. hairstyle), metamorphosis of the apartment where he used to live with his (already) ex or something more serious like moving to another city or even another country.


Unfortunately, Pisces is one of those zodiac signs that takes breakups (very) badly. Especially when it is the other party who has decided to end the relationship. After changing their status to ‘single’ or ‘single’, Pisces will feel exhausted and sad. Therefore, they will need some rest. Those close to them should encourage them to focus on themselves, to think about what makes them happy and what makes them feel good. This might help them heal their broken heart more quickly.



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