How do you help a person with depression and what not to say or do to avoid harming them? Basic steps in the fight against depression

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Fact number 1: depression is an illness, not a sign of weakness. Fact number 2: depression can and should (!) be treated. Fact number 3: a person with depression can be helped. How? How to deal with a person suffering from depressive disorders? What absolutely should not be said to a person with depression? We explain.

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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), depression is currently the fourth most serious illness in the world, it is also one of the leading causes of suicide. Specialists forecast that by 2030 it will be the most frequently diagnosed disease worldwide According to estimates, as many as 350 million people worldwide suffer from it.

Depression is a disease that should be treated like any other such as diabetes or hypertension. Its cause is a malfunction of neurotransmitters in the brain, which can affect anyone. It is a very democratic disease: it affects people of different age, gender or social status. Herbal remedies or “going out to meet people” will not help with depression. Depression takes away sense of meaning, deprives of energy, sinks into sadness or indifference, lowers self-esteem, makes it difficult or even impossible to function. It causes mental suffering that probably cannot be expressed in words.

Fortunately, we talk more and more about this disease, more and more people are aware that depression is not caused by laziness or excessive self-pity. Still, when someone next to us becomes ill, we do not know if and how we can help. We can’t find the right words, we resort to worn-out slogans such as “don’t worry, it’ll be fine” or “get a grip on yourself, others have it worse”. They are supposed to help, but they usually have the opposite effect. So how can we really support a sick person? What can we say to at least not make things worse? Answers to these questions (and many more) can be found below.

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How to help a person with depression?

How to help a person with depression? This question is often asked by relatives of people suffering from this disease. The reaction of the closest environment largely determines whether depression will progress. The support shown to the ill person always plays an important role in the treatment process. Of course we don’t always know how to behave and every ill person may need something different. So it is worth showing empathy, asking questions, gaining knowledge, and above all, being close, ensuring that you are ready to talk at any time, listen to what the sick person is going through, without judging, putting pressure, “golden advice”. Sometimes it is enough just to be there, despite everything.

Depression consists of a number of symptoms and disorders, such as isolation, sadness, aversion to life, or even suicidal thoughts. The presence and closeness of another person is the best form of support for a person suffering from this illness. It is important to encourage the patient to do small activities such as walking or shopping, remind them to take their medication, and support them in their decision to attend therapy.

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How to help a person with depression remotely? Care by a specialist

How to help a person with depression without being next to him? As we know, closeness and positive relations with people are very important for a person with depression. So it is important that the ill person is never left alone with his problem.

In the treatment of depression it is very important that the ill person has access to professional help: psychiatric and/or psychological. Often people struggling with depression are not able to admit to themselves that their problems are serious and they should seek professional support. Sometimes they also don’t want to be labelled a person with mental problems, because there is still not enough understanding of such illnesses in our society. In such a situation it is worthwhile to make them aware that mental problems do not make them inferior people. However, we can also take this opportunity to educate those closest to the sick person, to raise awareness about depression and to sensitize them.

It is important to constantly remind the person who is ill of the value of their friendship to you. People suffering from depression have very low self-esteem and are sometimes convinced of their own uselessness. So it is good to let them know at every step how much they mean and what talents and skills they have.

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How do you talk to a person with depression?

How do you help a person with depression through words? It is important not only what you say but also how you say it. People suffering from depression are extremely sensitive to mockery, irony and ridicule, so it is worth paying attention to the way you speak.

How do you pull someone out of depression? First of all, by encouraging them to seek the professional help already mentioned. Another thing: show the depressed person that he or she can always count on your help and comfort. You can do it with phrases like “I believe in you”, “I won’t leave you in this situation, no matter what happens”, “you are very important to me”, “no matter what, I will always be there for you”.

How to help a person with depression using conversation? How not to do harm? What should not be said to the ill person? How to comfort a person with depression?

When talking to a person suffering from depression it is worth avoiding phrases that may suggest ignoring their problem. Platitudes such as “I am sad sometimes too”, “you will get over it”, “stop feeling sorry for yourself” only make things worse. Downplaying or even ridiculing the condition most often leads to worsening of the illness and lowering of self-esteem.

People with depression often feel pestered by their surroundings and unnecessary. Their problems and emotions are not understood and people around them react in an inadequate way to the situation. You should avoid saying “I know how you feel” because everyone experiences depression in a different way and copes with it differently.

What else should you not say to someone with depression? Above all, avoid suggesting that their condition is causing problems or is an invention. Don’t lull the person into feelings of guilt, as this may push him or her to more radical steps, such as self-harm or even a suicide attempt.

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How to deal with a person suffering from depression?

How to help a person with depression in everyday life? Is it possible to pull someone out of this illness alone? How to comfort a person with depression?

In the fight against depression it is very important to correctly diagnose the type and severity of the disease. In many cases, doctors recommend drug therapy, aimed at restoring hormone production in the brain to an appropriate level. However, for this to happen, the patient must first decide to see a professional or professional women.

It is a good idea to gently encourage the person to seek treatment. The sooner a depressed person decides to seek treatment, the better the chances of a quick recovery. Remember, however, not to put too much pressure or exert too much pressure as this can be counterproductive and discourage the person from seeking help.

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How to live with a person suffering from depression?

How to help a person with depression? How to support a partner or friend in fighting this disease? How to help in case of anxiety depression?

Living with a person suffering from depression is not easy, it takes a lot of energy and time. They need to be reassured about how important they are and how much they mean, and reminded of their strengths and advantages. That is why it is worthwhile to take care of oneself at the same time, if necessary also to look for professional support, read professional literature, take care of one’s mental and physical condition.

When living with such a person, it is important to show as much heart and care as possible in the form of small actions. Gestures such as making sandwiches, taking a bath or going out together lift the spirits and make the person feel important. Proximity and willingness to help are most important. A seemingly trivial hug or handshake is very important.



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