Grey complexion? Lack of energy? Here are 5 eating habits that will change your life!

[Photo by Nathan Cowley from Pexels]

Water instead of soda, yerba instead of coffee

Replace all sugary and energy drinks with pure spring water. Start with small steps, swapping individual glasses for healthier ones. Why is this important? Popular colored drinks have a number of drawbacks that are followed by negative health effects. They’re a lot of unnecessary calories and sugar per glass, which means:

  • increased risk of diseases, e.g. diabetes, obesity,
  • dental problems, tooth decay,
  • higher cholesterol levels.
[Photo by Pixabay]

Don’t skip meals

There is nothing more unhealthy than forgetting to eat during the day. Skipping meals makes us lose energy, impatient and cranky. It also leads to a disruption of your natural rhythm, hunger pangs, and storing resources for backup.

Photo by Vanessa Loring from Pexels

Fiber a silent friend

Fiber aids in proper digestion and is an important ingredient to be supplied in adequate amounts on a daily basis. Where can we find it? Its considerable quantities can be found in wholemeal bread, oatmeal, grains, vegetables and fruit.

Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels

Least processed is healthiest

Try to avoid highly processed products, such as ready-made boxed meals or fatty snacks. They tempt you with quick and easy preparation and intense flavour, but they are usually full of preservatives, artificial colors, fat and sugar. This greatly impoverishes the diet and can also lead to obesity and other diseases.

Photo by Pixabay

Carrots instead of chips

Sound sad? Don’t worry! In fact, any less healthy food can be replaced with something better, without sacrificing taste.



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