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Have you ever wondered and pondered what impact the moment you were born and born has on your life and character? According to traditions and beliefs from around the world, the date of birth carries not only a set of character traits attributed to you, but can even determine the entire path of your life! What is the significance of the date of birth in numerology, Western astrology and Egyptian, Chinese and Roma horoscopes?

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The meaning of the date of birth — numerology

The principles of numerology assume that the number assigned to a person at the time of his birth is able to determine his character, personality, as well as what life path he should choose. However, in order to find out the answers to questions about fate, we must first calculate our birth number. Fortunately, this is not at all complicated:


Your date of birth is 07.11.1994. To calculate your birth number, you must add each of the digits of this date together.

0 + 7 + 1 + 1+ 1 + 9 + 9 + 4 = 32

If you got a two-digit number, add both digits together until you get a single-digit number.

3 + 2 = 5

Your birth number is 5.

Wondering what is written for your birth number? Check out entire article on numerology, where you’ll read a detailed description of each of the magic numbers!

The meaning of the date of birth — Western astrology

Western astrology revolves around twelve constellations visible in the sky. Each is assigned to a particular period of the year, lasting about a month:

  • Aries (March 20/21 — April 19/20), fire element sign, under the auspices of the planet Mars
  • Taurus (April 19/20 — May 20/21), earth element sign, under the patronage of the planet Venus
  • Gemini (May 20/21 — June 20/21), the sign of the element of air, under the patronage of the planet Mercury
  • Cancer (June 20/21 — July 22/23), the sign of the element of water, under the patronage of the Moon
  • Leo (July 22/23 — August 22/23), fire element sign, under the patronage of the Sun
  • Virgo (August 22/23 — September 22/23), earth element sign, under the patronage of the planet Mercury
  • Libra (September 22/23 — October 22/23), the sign of the element of air, under the patronage of the planet Venus
  • Scorpio (October 22/23 — November 21/22), the sign of the element of water, under the patronage of the planets Pluto and Mars
  • Sagittarius (November 21/22 — December 21/22), the sign of the element of fire, under the patronage of the planet Jupiter
  • Capricorn (December 21/22 — January 19/20), the sign of the element of earth, under the patronage of the planet Saturn
  • Aquarius (January 19/20 — February 19/19), the sign of the element of air, under the patronage of the planet Uranus
  • Pisces (February 18/19 — March 20/21), the sign of the element of water, under the patronage of the planet Neptune

Our sun sign, which is often referred to as the major sign of the zodiac, is determined by the position of the Sun as seen from Earth at the time of our birth. For example, if our central star was then at the height of the constellation Aquarius, he will be our solar sign of the zodiac.

However, we must remember that in Western astrology, the meaning of the date of birth is not linked only to the sun sign. Our birth cosmogram also contains information about the constellations assigned to other planets, such as Mars, Mercury or Venus. They speak about various aspects of our life, such as contacts with others, communication or emotional sphere.

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Meaning of birth date — Chinese horoscope

The meaning of the date of birth in the Chinese horoscope depends on the characteristics attributed to the animal that is the patron of a given lunar year. It consists of 12 signs, corresponding to 12 months (each of which is 29.5 days long). The entire cycle lasts as long as 60 years, and is divided into 5 major periods, which are described by the elements, occurring in order: metal, water, wood, fire and earth.

The smaller cycle of the Chinese horoscope is defined by the 12 signs of the zodiac:

  • Rat,
  • Taurus,
  • Tiger,
  • Hare,
  • Dragon,
  • Snake,
  • Horse,
  • Goat,
  • Monkey,
  • Rooster,
  • Dog,
  • Pig.

Each animal is assigned a set of character traits, as well as clues to the potential life path of a person born in that zodiac sign. We must remember that the Chinese horoscope is determined by the eastern lunar calendar, in which dates are movable. To find out which Chinese zodiac sign is assigned to us, it is best to use a ready-made online calculator.

Meaning of birth date — Roma horoscope

As in Western astrology, in the Roma horoscope the meaning of the date of birth is determined by several zodiac signs, assigned to specific periods of the year. Each of the signs has its own set of character traits that are supposed to apply to people born during the given time periods.

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The Roma horoscope defines eight “zodiac signs.”

  • Six of clubs (December 30-February 15), which means a rational, consistent and hard-headed person
  • Seven of clubs (February 16 — April 5), or a calm, balanced person who avoids conflict and feuds
  • Eight of clubs (April 6 — June 18), or a person who is ambitious, brave and mysterious
  • Nine of hearts (June 19 — July 2), or a creative, spiritual and extremely artistically gifted person
  • Ten of diamonds (July 3 — September 10), or a sensitive, empathetic and loyal person
  • Jack of spades (September 11 — November 11), or an imaginative, energetic and innovative person
  • Lady of clubs (November 12 — December 22), or an independent, rebellious and open-minded person
  • King of hearts (December 23 — December 29), or a person who is loyal, focused and unyielding

Meaning of birth date — Egyptian horoscope

The meaning of the date of birth in the Egyptian horoscope is based on specific time frames to which the protection of the deities professed by the Ancient Egyptians was assigned. In addition to protection from higher beings, a set of character traits (similar to Western or Roman astrology) is given to those born in a given period.

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How do you find out which Egyptian deity is your patron saint? Below is a brief breakdown:

  • THOT (January 15–31) — your patron endows you with resourcefulness, courage, creativity and life energy
  • AMON (February 1–14) — your patron endows you with spontaneity, honesty and independence
  • HATHOR (February 15-March 31) — your patron endows you with intuition, sensitivity and empathy
  • SEBEK (April 1-May 14) — your patron endows you with poise, shrewdness and a flair for business
  • OZYRIS (May 15 — June 30) — your patron endows you with personal charm, curiosity about the world and intelligence
  • PTAH (July 1 — August 15) — your patron endows you with optimism, communication skills and self-confidence
  • HORUS (August 16 — September 15) — your patron endows you with a strong will, nobility and loyalty
  • NEFTYDA (September 16 — October 31) — your patron endows you with brilliance, taste and diplomatic skills
  • ANUBIS (November 1 — December 30) — your patron endows you with a love of risk, perseverance and courage
  • IZYDA (December 31 — January 14) — your patron endows you with reason, responsibility and discipline

Numerological portrait — interpretation

Have you memorized your vibration number from the beginning of the article? How to interpret your numerological portrait? For each of the digits is assigned a specific set of qualities, opportunities and risks in life. The portrait can show us what goals we should set in order to realize our full potential, achieve happiness and fulfillment.

Interpretation of the main vibration is quite easy, and you will find guidelines for each of the digits in the paragraphs below. However, we must remember that a full numerological portrait should also include additional elements, such as name vibration and karmic burdens. Their analysis, interpretation and comparison will unfortunately be a much more complicated task. Therefore, if you are just beginning your adventure with numerology, you will most likely need the help of a specialist or specialist for this purpose.

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Numerology: 1

The numerological One is a born leader. He has strong leadership skills and charisma, can control his emotions, and quickly inspires confidence in others. In life, he cares first and foremost about succeeding, primarily in his chosen career path. Fortunately, the One has the aptitude for this, and often manages to climb the career ladder to the top. When it comes to emotional life, the One is rather self-sufficient. She is able to function in a relationship with another person, but she does not need one to live.

Numerology: 2

The Two values relationships above all else. She likes to live a harmonious and secure lifestyle, surrounded by loved ones, family, friends and everyone she cares about. They are down-to-earth, empathetic and communicative. Numerological Twos have a strong need to function in a community, only when they form a relationship or team with someone will they be able to realize their full potential. They feel great in a permanent relationship, and most often dream of starting a family.

Numerology: 3

Three is a numerological soul of company who lives by the principle of carpe diem. She is bold, energetic and always walks with her head held high. Threes are extremely communicative, open and generous, infecting everyone around them with optimism and positive thinking. They are very good diplomats and mediators, so they often take career paths related to politics, media and journalism. In matters of love, numerological Threes can be incredibly picky. They won’t decide on a lasting relationship until they find a partner who meets all their expectations. However, once they decide to settle down, they will be faithful until the grave.

Numerology: 4

The numerological Four adheres to three main values in life: diligence, conscientiousness and discipline. She is incredibly organized and persistent, willing to take on difficult tasks and complex projects. Fours even have angelic patience. They are extremely efficient at work and are masters of long-range planning. They hate the feeling of stagnation and stagnation, in life they need to constantly move forward. In love, they are looking for the other half, with whom they will create a relationship on the principles of partnership. They will decide to settle down with a person who will walk with them through life hand in hand.

Numerology: 5

Fives are travelers, wanderers and free spirits of numerology. They have a constant need for stimulating change and hate boredom and routine. They often lead a hippie lifestyle, love exotic travel and exploring new cultures. They are not meant for office work, as they can’t manage to sit in one place for long. For this reason, they often choose the career path of a freelancer. In love, a Five is not inclined to bind themselves into closed relationships. She will opt for a relationship only with a person who will give her enough independence and space.

Numerology: 6

Sixes in life are primarily looking for warmth and harmony. They are characterized by being caring and family-oriented. They are ideal hosts, one of their dreams is to create a perfect home. They are aesthetes who love to surround themselves with everything beautiful, often fulfilling themselves as artists. Despite their empathetic nature, Sixes can be cynical. They have large reserves of pessimism within them, which can quickly come to the surface when anything does not go their way.

Numerology: 7

Sevens are numerological spirit guides. They have extremely strong intuition and mental potential, so they often devote themselves to philosophy, religion, or self-development in life. They step into the role of guru and teacher, and often lead a life of solitude. In love, the numerological Seven may have trouble creating a relationship with another person. She usually does not know how to show affection, and all her thoughts are directed to learning hidden truths about life. She will succeed in creating a lasting relationship only with a person who is not bothered by emotional distance.

Numerology: 8

Numerological Eights have a practical and mathematical mind. They are hardheaded and often choose a career path related to finance. They have a nose for investments, and they love challenges. As a result, they often lead a life of high material standards. In love, an Eight will look for a partner who fits into her position in life. When she settles down, she will love to the death, however, she may manifest jealousy and possessive tendencies.

Numerology: 9

Nine is the truest altruist. She is gifted with unearthly empathy, is driven by higher ideas in life, and fulfills herself by helping others. Nines look at the world from a broad perspective, they see much more than those around them. In numerology, the number 9 symbolizes achievement and completion. Nines are often successful in life, the fruits of which they share with others. They love to travel to exotic countries and usually bond in relationships… with their opposites.

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Master Numbers in Numerology

Master numbers arise when, in the course of creating a numerological portrait, at some stage of addition, you get a number formed from two of the same digits. They denote a stronger and more intensified version of master numbers (i.e. 2, 4, 6). They have extremely high vibrational energy, and the people involved are called “old souls.”

Number 11

Numerological Number Eleven represents spiritual enlightenment, awareness and balance. People born in this Master Number have extremely developed intuition. Their main goal in life is to heal themselves and others.

Number 22

Numerological Twenty-Two represents diligence, perseverance and dependability. People born in this Master Number are extremely innovative, their goal is to invent ways to improve reality, as well as to combine the tangible with the intangible.

Number 33

Number Thirty-Three is a combination of two Master Numbers: 11 and 22. This means that it’s energy has been maximized, and the vibration is extremely powerful. It symbolizes compassion, empathy and selflessness. People born in Master Number 33 are guided by a very strong sense of justice and responsibility for their fellow man. They are meant to be caregivers, providing spiritual support to any person who needs it.

Number: 44

The number 44 is the subject of heated discussions among numerologists. Roughly half of them consider it a Master Number, while the other half disagree with this view. However, one thing is certain: it has a unique power.

Forty Four symbolizes stability and perseverance. It tells us that we are capable of achieving any goals and objectives, if only we find the courage to use the potential hidden in us. Forty Four is the number of confidence in oneself. It reminds us that every person should believe in their own abilities, and never give up.



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