Getting engaged and what’s next? Despite appearances, this question is asked by many women, and the answer? It is not always so obvious.

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4 min readJun 3, 2022

Getting engaged and what’s next? We have to worry you — because there is no one right answer to this question. However, there are some tips that will help you get through this magical but also (often) crazy time stress-free (or as stress-free as possible).

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An engagement and…? Exactly. When the excitement of the new phase of your relationship subsides, a flurry of questions arises. What to do? How to do it? When to act? Question marks pile up in your head, but… not only there. Your family asks, your friends and acquaintances ask, your partner asks. All the conversations start and end with the topic of getting engaged, while you just… don’t know? Don’t worry! It happens more often than you think.

Getting engaged and then what? There are many possibilities

Not all of us take our pre-wedding preparations so seriously. There are, however, a lot of women who (from the very first days of engagement) start frantically looking for a wedding hall or a wedding dress, as well as setting a date and creating a detailed guest list. Some of us, on the other hand, prefer to simply leave the pre-wedding preparations to a wedding consultant (and it’s not a stupid idea at all, although usually quite expensive).

Getting engaged and what’s next — are you asking yourself this question more and more often? Unfortunately, we don’t have a golden formula on how to set a list of burning priorities, step by step. However, below you’ll find some valuable tips that will help you initially control the chaos piling up in your head right now. Here they are.

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Getting engaged and what’s next? Don’t let it get you down

That’s right: breathe in and out! Only calmness will save you. The engagement period should be associated with a wonderful moment in your life that you will remember until your very old age. You are flooded with questions about what to do next. Are you frustrated because you just…don’t know? You have every right to do so. One thing is for sure — it is not worth the pressure. The only person you should really talk to about it is your partner. Nosy aunts and uncles don’t need to know the details of your plans. His buddies or your friends — don’t either.

Getting engaged and what’s next? Important key questions

While we’re on the subject of talking to your sweetheart, this is undoubtedly a good time to bring up some important questions (if you haven’t talked about it before). Here’s a list of questions you should definitely ask yourself at this stage:

  • When do you plan to get married (and do you plan to get married at all)?
  • If you are getting married, then: church, civil, concordat?
  • IMPORTANT: are you planning to start a family? If yes, in what way do you want to raise your children?
  • Where are you planning to say magical “YES” to each other?
  • How do you see this day/ ceremony?
  • How do you share responsibilities in the subject of planning a wedding?
  • What about costs of the wedding — how do you plan to share them (and how will you share the expenses after the wedding)?
  • Less romantically, but just as importantly, what about your partner’s assets in the event that your relationship breaks down? Do you take precautions in this area?

The date, type, place and style of the ceremony, children, expectations and, of course, finances — these are the most conflicting issues. It is worth putting the moments of romantic elation aside for a moment and be clear about these issues from the very beginning. We guarantee that this will allow you to avoid possible unpleasantness in the future.

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Getting engaged and what’s next? Baby steps

Once you and your partner have agreed on all of the above, start taking your plan one step at a time. Don’t take on too much. It is certainly wise to share the responsibilities. Enjoy this time without letting stress take over.

However, if “days pass, months pass, a year passes” and you are still unsure about the decision, pause for a moment. Carefully analyze all the elements that are holding you back from taking the next step in this relationship. Talk about your worries with those close to you. There are plenty of cases in history where an engagement has been the beginning of the end. But remember that the doubts and question marks that come up right after an engagement are normal. We tend to be afraid of what we don’t know, and there’s no denying that you’re in for something completely new. Some women react to this thought with excitement, others — with fear.

Even if this sentence sounds like a cliché, listen to your heart. This is the perfect (best!) time to really hear it.



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