Full moon — superstitions. What did our ancestors believe in? What not to do during the full moon?

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The moon has incredible power and, according to many people, can have an impact on many aspects of our lives. It is worth taking advantage of it. I suggest what the full moon favors, as well as write about what not to do.

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The Moon, also known as Luna, is the subject of many legends, superstitions and fairy tales. No wonder — the energy of Earth’s natural satellite has been considered magical for centuries. Many people believe that it has a direct effect on our behavior and well-being. Of particular interest is the full moon — folk superstitions give it great importance and point out that it can affect us in both positive and negative ways. What does it favor? And why not, and what should we not do at this time? I present the most famous superstitions about the full moon.

Full moon — superstitions. What was believed in the past?

The fact that the full moon has a great impact on human life was believed in ancient times. In the past, people planned many activities in accordance with the phases of our natural satellite — it was its shape in the sky that determined the timing of planting crops, harvesting herbs and even dyeing hair.

Many people also attributed to it a great influence on the mood and emotional state, both of humans and animals. In this case, the full moon deserved special attention — folk superstitions noted that this is when Luna’s energy acts on us with the greatest power.

Over the centuries, the moon has become a popular element of all kinds of folk legends and superstitions. Which of them are still repeated today?

Insomnia during a full moon

Many people notice that the quality of their sleep significantly deteriorates during a full moon. The most common symptoms are problems falling asleep, frequent waking during the night, as well as realistic and disturbing dreams. However, not many people know that some folk legends say that the full moon sucks the energy and vitality out of us. This, again, can directly affect the problem with regeneration during nights when we see the entire disk of our natural satellite in the sky.

So far, there is no scientific evidence of the Moon’s effect on our health. However, interestingly, some time ago it was noted that during a full moon many people experience a decrease in serotonin — the hormone responsible for controlling mood, well-being and… sleep processes. As you can see, folk superstitions may have a grain of truth in them.

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Diseases during the full moon

Another folk superstition claims says about the very negative effect of the moon on the youngest. According to legend, a child’s crib should never be placed next to a window, because moonlight, especially during a full moon, can significantly weaken immunity in children and cause them all sorts of diseases.

Moreover, pregnant women and people who struggle with mental disorders are also at risk. It was once believed that gazing at the full moon could aggravate mental illness, cause insanity and even rob us of our sight.

Full moon — superstitions. What is favored by the full moon?

Folk legends say that the light of the full moon has a positive effect on certain activities and events in people’s lives. What should we do when the Earth’s natural satellite shines in the sky in all its glory?

Full moon — superstitions. Full moon wedding

We already know a lot about the power that the full moon holds — folk superstitions attribute particularly great significance to it. Importantly, many legends speak of the positive influence of moonlight on all topics related to love and romantic feelings.

It is said that the full moon is the best time to get married. The moon’s energy makes the vows you make to your partner/partner work like a magic spell. The ceremony performed during the full moon is supposed to ensure the newlyweds happiness and prosperity in the coming years of life.

Full moon — superstitions. Cutting hair during the full moon

Folk superstitions also talk about the Moon’s effect on beauty. According to one of them, cutting the ends at the time of the full moon should make hair grow much faster than before.

In addition, any beauty treatment carried out under the light of the full moon will work even more effectively, and our hair will become healthy, shiny and moisturized. It certainly can’t hurt to give it a try.

Full moon — superstitions. Magic rituals during the full

The full moon is a very good time to practice magic. The energy of the Earth’s natural satellite can help us shape reality with the help of magic, but we must remember that only certain types of rituals should be performed during this period. Others are better performed during the new moon or second quarter.

It is best to perform attraction rituals during the full moon:

  • love
  • passion
  • wealth
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Full moon — superstitions. What not to do during the full moon?

Superstitions about the full moon speak of both positive and negative effects of the Earth’s natural satellite on various aspects of our lives. Luna’s energy is favorable for marriages, minor hairdressing procedures, as well as most magic rituals. However, what should we not do during the full moon?

Full Moon Superstitions. Making impulsive decisions

According to Slavic superstitions, the phase of the moon significantly affects the intensity of the emotions we feel. Earth’s natural satellite can gently distort our perception, especially during a full moon. It is for this reason that we are advised against making any important decisions at this time.

The full moon is also not a good time to start arguments and conflicts. The strong, unrestrained emotions we feel during this period can affect our judgment and make our reactions exaggerated. If we feel the need for confrontation, it is best to wait until the Moon enters its next phase.

Full Moon — Superstitions. Starting new things

Unlike the new moon, the full moon is not conducive to starting anything new. The full disc of Luna is a period when we should focus on rest and reflection. Changing jobs, starting a new relationship, or doing a thorough cleaning are things we should leave for other phases of the Moon.

Full Moon — superstitions. Performing invasive procedures

According to ancient beliefs, the full moon is not a good time to perform invasive procedures, whether medical or cosmetic. The moon’s energy is said to make wounds of all kinds bleed more heavily and heal more slowly. Procedures such as:

  • surgical operations that do not require rapid implementation
  • dental procedures
  • chemical peelings
  • laser treatments
  • depilation
  • we should plan for a more favorable phase of Luna, such as the first quarter.

Full moon — superstitions. Transplanting and pruning plants

Many superstitions for the full moon also mention the negative effect of its energy on replanting and pruning plants. This is another activity that we should postpone until we can see the full disc of our natural satellite in the sky.



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