Foods that affect better well-being? Every single one! But these foods in particular.

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Eating can bring a lot of joy and satisfaction. However, there are foods that have a particularly positive effect on our mood. Why do they improve your mood? What is worth eating?

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Food has a big impact on mood!

Mood is a component of many factors. During the day, we receive a lot of stimuli, which may be perceived differently, depending on mood, season or weather. We also react differently to food with an empty stomach, and differently in anticipation of an attractive meal. Especially when we are hungry, a given food not only stimulates us to action, but also provides satisfaction.

These theses find their justification in various scientific fields. For example, according to chemistry and biology, it is worth eating especially such food that contains tryptophan, which is an integral component of serotonin, considered a hormone of happiness. Nutritionists also pay attention to an adequate supply of vitamins, folic acid and omega-3 and omega-6 acids in the daily diet, because it allows not only to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but also a better mood.

When looking for valuable products, we must take into account not only their type, but also their quality. Clear compositions and lack of artificial additives means better nourishment for the body, and thus a better psychophysical condition.

What to eat and what to avoid?

The list of mood-enhancing ingredients is long. Below are foods that are readily available and should be present in the daily balanced diet of everyone, regardless of age. It’s a good idea to choose your favorite items and increase the frequency of their appearance in your menu if necessary.


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Classic for improving mood. It is worth buying the one with a high content of cocoa, because it contains a lot of substances with psychoactive effect and influencing mood. Tyramine and phenylethylamine are responsible for stimulating pleasure centers in the brain.

Pickles (cabbage, cucumbers, kimchi)

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Pickles are natural probiotics that work to strengthen the human intestinal flora. They are responsible for good health. Good bacteria are not only involved in key digestive processes, but also influence chemical reactions that take place in the brain.

If you’re not a fan of classic pickled cucumbers or cabbage, it’s worth trying out Korean kimchi. It is cabbage marinated and pickled in a specific way, spiced. It is reliable not only as an addition to Asian dishes! It is a product which is becoming more and more popular every day.


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Coffee, like any product consumed in excess, can be harmful. However, high quality beans ground in a home grinder will provide not only a wonderful aroma, but also taste sensations. To drink a good brew, you do not have to immediately buy an expensive coffee machine. It is worth using one of the popular methods, which are brewing in a coffee machine or the French-press technique. These devices will significantly increase the quality of each cup of the dark beverage you drink. The caffeine contained in coffee increases the level of dopamine which reduces fatigue and improves mood.


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We especially recommend Brazil nuts — they are a good source of selenium which protects cells from sources of oxidative stress. Nuts also contain amino acids and influence the level of serotonin. It’s worth snacking on them instead of chips!


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Nutritionists recommend mainly fatty fish. Therefore, it is worth reaching for mackerel and salmon. They can be eaten at lunchtime prepared in the oven, steamed or fried. Alternatively, they can be used in salads or sandwiches (sliced smoked salmon) or as a base for fish paste (smoked mackerel).

Fish are a dietary staple, but we often forget about their beneficial effects on health and mood. Mainly due to the high content of omega-3 fatty acids, they positively affect the work of our brain.


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Although poultry is a lean meat, it provides a lot of macronutrients essential in the diet. Be sure to choose good quality meat and pay attention to its freshness. Instead of a hypermarket, go to a local butcher. Nutritionists also encourage you to experiment with different types of poultry, it does not have to be just chicken. Duck or turkey will add variety to your dinner, ensuring an adequate supply of tryptophan, which is necessary for the production of serotonin, and vitamin B12.

As you can see, food has a huge impact on our well-being. Therefore, it is worth to be guided not only by the calorific value of given food, but also by the content of amino acids and microelements, which will allow to maintain good physical and mental condition. Let’s enjoy eating!

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