Dream book: What does a dream about a train mean?

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A dream about a train, although associated with travel and adventure, does not always have positive overtones. A train in dreams can foretell impending trouble, and sometimes it is also a warning against someone or something. But a train is unequal to a train. The interpretation of a dream about a train is influenced by details. The dreamer leaves no doubt about it. We present the meaning of a dream about a train depending on the context in which it appears in dreams.

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What does a dream about a train mean? The dream book does not give only one interpretation. Not surprisingly, much depends on the circumstances under which the train appears in the dream. So what are the meanings of a dream about a train? We present the most popular and explain what they mean. However, it is worth noting that the train is one of the most important dream symbols, which reflects the dreamer’s attitude to life, his values, goals and experiences. And it also prompts introspection — to look even further inside oneself. A detailed analysis of the dream can only help with this. So here we go!

Dream book: What does a dream about a train mean?

It often happens that we dream of a train in the context of an upcoming trip. This is fully justified. The train in the dreams of people who are planning a trip can be related to the excitement of the upcoming event. But the motive can also have the character of a prediction. For it happens that a dream about a train is dreamt even by those of us who do not intend to go anywhere. Or at least it only seems so to them. Most often, soon after such a projection, they find out that an unannounced trip awaits them after all.

However, the meaning of a dream about a train cannot be limited only to the motif of a trip or excursion. Its symbolism is often not literal, and the exact meaning of the train motif is determined by the context of the nighttime projection. It often happens that a dream about a train is an announcement of impending life changes. It may also be that a dream about a train is a metaphorical reflection of the emotions accompanying us on waking and our approach to life. For example, if the train stops at every station, it may mean that we are orderly and act according to a certain pattern. A dream in which the train skips individual stops may suggest that chaos is creeping into our daily life. This is why the correct interpretation of a dream about a train requires a detailed analysis of the context.

Dream book: ride a train

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What does a nighttime projection, in which the main motif is riding a train, mean? The dreamer indicates that such a motif foretells a time of bold decisions and new experiences. The dreaming person will open up to everything that until now was alien to him. And rightly so!

Important is not only the motif of the train ride itself, but also what we see outside the window. If a pleasant landscape appears to our eyes, the subconscious lets us know that we have chosen the right destination, and the decisions we have made will turn out to be correct. However, if behind the glass there is an unpleasant view, such as dirty, neglected buildings, the destination of the metaphorical journey may also disappoint us. In this context, it is worth analyzing our own actions. Perhaps life’s plan needs a minor adjustment?

In another interpretation, a dream about riding a train means parting with a loved one. Rest assured, it does not refer to the end of the relationship with the other half. The separation will be temporary, perhaps lasting a long time, perhaps a short time. Some dreamers also indicate that riding a train symbolizes longing for someone close to you.

Runaway train in a dream — meaning

A dream about a runaway train is usually a rather disturbing theme. Sometimes, upon awakening, the dreaming person is accompanied by feelings of irritation and even anxiety. These emotions are completely justified. After all, a dream about a runaway train symbolizes missed opportunities that could completely change the life of the dreamer.

Instead of succumbing to bad emotions, it is worth taking this symbol as a valuable hint for the future. Do not be afraid of difficult decisions, life is not about looking for shortcuts. Fate will still send many opportunities, you just need to be sensitive to it. In the positive sense of the word.

What if in your dream you are running after a runaway train? The dream book says that this is an expression of longing for the father — lost or emotionally absent from us.

Dream book — to be late for a train

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Did you dream that you missed the train? This is one of the more common themes. What does it mean? The dreamer points out that we are dealing here with the metaphor of “chasing the bunny”. It’s a sign that you are constantly chasing a goal that seems to be elusive. It has been going on for so long that this chase has become the meaning of your life and now you don’t want to end it. According to the interpretation, this attitude stems from fear for the future. So ask yourself, how often do you think about what will happen once you reach the finish line? And also, is life slipping through your fingers. If so, a dream about a train is a sign that it’s high time to change your priorities.

Dream about waiting for a train

The motif of waiting for a train is another one that reflects the dreamer’s state of mind. Most likely, the person who is waiting for a train in the dream is longing for change. There is order in her life, but it is already beginning to take the form of a tedious routine. The symbol also contains a warning. If you are waiting for any train, without a predetermined destination, you may end up in a place where you do not want to be at all. Changes are good, but generally those that are planned and well thought out. If you don’t have an idea of how to steer your future life, you’d better not get on that train. It could have fatal consequences.

When you’re waiting for the train home, it means you’re still searching for your place in life and in the world. Such a motif is particularly significant when it appears in the nighttime projections of young people. Then it should be interpreted as a hint — don’t be afraid to explore your possibilities and look for new solutions. A good future awaits you, however, provided that you look at your life from a different angle.

Dream book: to ride a train without a ticket

A dream about riding a train without a ticket can be explained in various ways, so it is worth recalling as many details as possible. If the dream stowaway trip is premeditated, the subconscious is letting us know that our conduct in a certain matter is wrong. This warning most likely refers to family matters, so it is worth considering whether we have recently had a disagreement with someone close to us. Even if we are convinced that we are right, it is worth taking into account the arguments of the other party, because in this case the fault lies with us.

It happens that in a dream we are unwitting onlookers. We simply lost the ticket or forgot to buy it, without bad intentions. Such a dream is subject to a different interpretation than the one above. In this case, the motif of driving without a ticket refers to our inexperience in certain matters. Most likely, you will soon have to take on a task that will surpass you. If you do, you will get into serious trouble.

Dream book: train — standing on the tracks or not

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Whether the train in the dream is standing on the tracks or not is also not without significance. In the first case, it can mean dissatisfaction with the delay of certain things. And if you do not see tracks near the train at all, it indicates a lot of creativity and ingenuity — including in erotic life.

Dream book: freight train

If a freight train appears in your dream and it is filled to the brim, you have reason to rejoice — this usually means prosperity, success and a streak of upcoming successes. Although they may not appear right away — it can be a harbinger of difficult beginnings, but a satisfying and successful ending. Empty train cars, on the other hand, can be a warning of failure or loss. A derailed train, on the other hand, according to the dreamer, is a harbinger of a dangerous adventure.

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