Dream about a dead person: what does it mean when we dream about someone who is no longer alive?

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A dream about a dead person is not likely to be one of the pleasant ones. It can bring back difficult or painful memories or even cause fear. What does this kind of dream mean? Is there anything to fear? Here’s what the dreambook says: death.

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A dream about a dead person is one of the most disturbing. Does the afterlife want to give me a message? Am I in danger? These are the questions that most often appear in the head of the dreamer just after waking up. They are usually accompanied by a feeling of uneasiness, sometimes even terror. Is there really anything to be afraid of? What does a dream about a dead person mean? To be able to answer these questions, it is first necessary to take a close look at the context of the nightly projection.

What does a dream about a dead person mean?

A dream about a dead person is often something of a mirror image of the dreamer’s state of mind. It may mean that we are tormented by some thought that we cannot understand. Such dreams also often occur in people who have been struggling with life problems for a long time. Some analyses indicate that a dream about someone who has died is an expression of perceived loneliness.

In the interpretation of such a dream, every detail is important. For it is necessary to know that a dream about a person who has been dead for a long time carries a different message, and another about someone who has died recently. In the first case such a projection means that the dreamer still has not dealt with the problems of the past, and in the second — that serious problems are yet to come.

The explanation of the deceased person’s motive presented above should be treated as general. In order to be able to accurately understand the message hidden in the nocturnal projection, one should first of all focus on the circumstances surrounding the nocturnal dreams.

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Dreambook: seeing the dead as alive

It is common for many of us to see the deceased as a living person in a dream. Unfortunately, such a motive does not bode well. In the surroundings of the dreaming person there may be someone with impure intentions, who for his own interest will cause him harm. It is worth keeping a special vigilance, because this person will do everything to prevent the dreamer from succeeding. Most likely, this refers to the professional sphere, but it can not be excluded that the dream refers to private life.

Night dreams in which the deceased person appears to be alive are not beneficial for people who are ill. This is because such a projection may foretell a significant deterioration of health. When this motif appears in your dream, you should put even more effort into taking care of yourself.

This disturbing symbol can also be a warning for social people who feel comfortable in a larger group. The dreamer is likely to make friends without thinking and with random people, which will eventually get him or her into trouble.

It should be noted, however, that some dreamers also indicate the positive meaning of such a motif. A dead person seen as alive is supposed to mean good news, for which the dreamer has been waiting for a long time.

Dreambook: talking with a dead person

Definitely more positive is a dream about talking with a dead person. This motive means that the hereafter has taken care of the dreamer. Soon all problems will be solved, even those that are seemingly impossible to get around.

However, it should not be forgotten that a dream about talking to a dead person also contains an important warning. The dreamer makes key decisions too hastily, which will ultimately cause him many problems. If we start to approach serious issues more carefully and reflectively, it is possible to avoid danger.

Dreambook: death of a deceased person

Particularly disturbing can be a projection in which we see the death of a person already deceased. Such a motive is nothing but a subconscious expression of longing for this person. Most likely, the dreamer and the deceased had a special relationship and even death did not manage to cut these ties.

This symbol also carries an important message. It is high time to come to terms with what we cannot change. Only acceptance of the current state of affairs will soothe the tormenting pain and allow us to feel relief.

Dreambook: quarrel with a dead person

A dream about an argument with a dead person is another important warning. There is a serious threat in the dreamer’s surroundings in the form of a person who wishes him/her failure. Are you planning a new venture? Or perhaps you have your eye on an interesting investment? This is not a good time for such moves, because for sure someone will work against you.

In another interpretation, such a dream warns against wrong doing. Everything you do now will affect your future life, and every bad deed will come back to you with multiplied force. If you make a mistake now, you will most likely not be able to fix it. This warning can apply to both your professional and emotional life.

However, it happens that the message of such a dream is literal. When you dream about a quarrel with the deceased, it is worth considering whether something divided you with this person during his life. It is possible that we are still holding a grudge for their actions or, conversely, we are tormented by remorse for our actions.

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What do frequent dreams about a dead person mean?

It is common for some people to see a dead person in their dreams. The recurring nature of this motif may have to do with the personality of the dreamer. This person is most likely extremely spiritual and may not realize that the hereafter often speaks to them. Such people can foresee many upcoming events, both good and bad. They call it intuition, but you should know that it has little to do with the ability to observe and analyze. It is the dead who give them clues, and dreams are only one form of communication.

When recurring dreams are about a specific person, they most likely reflect the dreamer’s feelings. Perhaps he has not come to terms with the loss of a person close to him, perhaps there remain some unresolved issues that once connected him to the deceased. Such projections will recur until the dreamer finally comes to terms with what happened.

However, some researchers indicate that this motif is an expression of the deceased’s own anxiety. The person’s soul cannot find its way to the hereafter, perhaps not even knowing that it no longer has a physical form. By appearing in the dreams of a loved one, the deceased tries to make contact. Unfortunately, we cannot help him on his final journey. These dreams will stop, but only after the deceased has found peace in the hereafter.



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