Chinese Horoscope: Dog. Characteristics of the zodiac sign. What characteristics are attributed to a person born in the Year of the Dog?

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Chinese Horoscope: Dog

Dog is the eleventh sign of the Chinese zodiac. Its symbolism revolves around loyalty, honor, principles, empathy and kindness. The Dog is the patron saint of honest, sincere and trustworthy people. He can be counted on in any situation, even the most troublesome. He is faithful, obedient and… affectionate, thanks to which everyone usually adores him. People under the sign of the Dog put others first. They will never refuse to help someone in need. Even if they themselves lose out on it. Dogs are true to their ideals. In life, they care first and foremost about pursuing their passions and supporting others. They usually do not care about material possessions or the unhealthy pursuit of success.

  • 1922 (28.01.1922–15.02.1923) — Dog in the element of water
  • 1934 (14.02.1934–03.02.1935) — Dog in the element of wood
  • 1946 (02.02.1946–21.01.1947) — Dog in the element of fire
  • 1958 (18.02.1958–07.02.1959) — Dog in the element of earth
  • 1970 (06.02.1970–26.01.1971) — Dog in the element of metal
  • 1982 (25.01.1982–12.02.1983) — Dog in the element of water
  • 1994 (10.02.1994–30.01.1995) — Dog in the element of wood
  • 2006 (29.01.2006–17.02.2007) — Dog in the element of fire
  • 2018 (16.02.2018–04.02.2019) — Dog in the element of earth

Chinese Dog: sign characteristics, attributes and relationships

  • Order of the sign: eleventh
  • Secret friend: Rabbit (Hare, Cat)
  • Element: yang
  • Main element: earth
  • Western zodiac sign: Libra
  • Ruling planet: Venus
  • Season: autumn
  • Month: October
  • Direction: northwest
  • Hours: 19.00–21.00
  • Colors: blue, turquoise
  • Numbers: 3, 9
  • Lucky stones: tiger eye, diamond
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What personality does the Dog have in the Chinese horoscope?

The Chinese Dog is a born protector of justice. In life he is guided by loyalty, caring and truth. He has a strong need to help his fellow human beings, and would jump into the fire for his loved ones. Life without principles and honor is meaningless to him. He has a very strong moral code, to which he really tries to adhere. He abhors hypocrisy, lying and dishonesty.

Photo by Andre Furtado from Pexels
  • high intelligence,
  • attractiveness,
  • personal charm,
  • empathy,
  • directness,
  • courtesy,
  • communicativeness,
  • willingness to help others,
  • modesty,
  • cordiality,
  • discretion,
  • the need to take care of one’s spirituality.
  • nervousness,
  • suspiciousness,
  • malice,
  • cynicism,
  • criticism,
  • exaggerated individualism,
  • hypocrisy,
  • a tendency to draw hasty conclusions.
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Chinese Dog: lifestyle

The dog likes to lead a balanced and peaceful life full of healthy habits and small pleasures. He is an extremely independent person who can easily cope with variable and non-standard conditions. However, due to internal anxieties, the Dog tries to avoid them as much as possible. His daily life is usually meticulously planned, and a person born in this sign does everything to avoid disturbing his routine.

Chinese Dog: work and finances

A person born in the sign of the Dog je becomes a diligent and loyal worker. He takes the tasks entrusted to him extremely seriously and gives 100 percent of himself at every possible opportunity. The Dog likes competition, so he is eager to take a career path that will give him the opportunity to compete with other people. However, he will not cross any boundary to climb the career ladder. His empathy and morals will not allow him to do so.

Photo by Asad Photo Maldives from Pexels
  • politician,
  • judge,
  • official,
  • policeman,
  • psychiatrist,
  • scientist,
  • teacher,
  • councilman,
  • missionary,
  • interior decorator,
  • priest,
  • counselor.

Chinese Dog: love and relationships

People born in the sign of the Dog are among the most loyal, caring and responsible partners. They are not in a hurry to stabilize, but when they decide on a lasting relationship, they take it extremely seriously.

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Chinese Dog: compatibility with other signs

How to create a successful relationship with a person born in the Year of the Dog? First of all, do not hide anything from her. The Dog will appreciate sincerity, emotional maturity and commitment. He will certainly not want to invest time in a relationship in which the partner plays emotional games or uses manipulative techniques.

  • Two halves of the apple: Tiger, Horse
  • Happy relationship: Rabbit (Cat), Pig (Boar), Monkey, Dog, Rat, Snake
  • Relationship that will need work: Goat (Sheep), Dragon, Rooster, Taurus

Chinese Dog: horoscope for 2022

From February 01, 2022 to January 21, 2023, the Chinese horoscope is ruled by Tiger. It is a frenetic and ferocious sign that heralds new beginnings and surges of energy and enthusiasm. The Tiger months will be filled with activity, creative fervor and motivation for action. We will go off the beaten path and broaden our horizons of thinking. We can also expect unexpected twists and turns, encountering a huge number of surprises.



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