BeReal is Generation Z’s new favorite app? Instagram, filters and posed photos have considerable competition!

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5 min readAug 29, 2022

Imagine that in order to take the perfect photo you have only 2 minutes at an unknown and unselected time. And on top of that, the app has no filters or editing capabilities. Sound like a nightmare? BeReal is winning the hearts of Gen Z with its authenticity.

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The market for popular and widely used social networking applications is very tight, and only a few manage to get into the narrow circle. After all, we remember how a few years ago the initially cringe-worthy (today TikTok) won the hearts of the youngest Internet users. Today it is a socialmedia giant that dictates almost all trends (starting with those of beauty and ending with music). A new app has been trying to get into the ranks of Gen Z’s social media darlings for some time. BeReal is something that hasn’t been done before. Is it spending the sleep of Instagram developers? What is BeReal all about and what exactly is the new popular app?

What’s the deal with BeReal? — creators focus on authenticity

Remember how Instagram was advertised a dozen years ago? It was supposed to be an app that connects people, allows them to share photos of their daily lives, and the logo was Polaroid, which is characterized by taking photos without the ability to edit them later. Today we associate Instagram more with posed frames, retouching, sponsored posts, ads and lack of any authenticity. It is said that users of the app only post the best moments of their lives and the most favorable instagram worthy photos. Perhaps that’s why many studies single out Instagram as the worst social media platform for mental health. With help comes the new BeReal app, which focuses on authenticity and spontaneity.

How does the BeReal app work?

How does the BeReal app work? Each and every male and female user receives a notification at a time unknown to them. From that moment, they have just two minutes to take and share a photo (the app activates both the rear and front cameras). In this way, others can see not only what the person is doing at the moment, but also his or her actual appearance at the moment — without preparation, masses of filters and post-production. The creators of the app, which was created in 2019, stress that this is a new and unique way to discover who your friends really are on a daily basis.

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Will BeReal stay with us for longer?

So far, the app has not been the most popular. Few people have heard its name, and even fewer have actually downloaded BeReal to their phone. Critics do not augur a bright future for the latest solution, and currently growing recognition is explained by the not inconsiderable crisis that Instagram is currently facing. They say that disgruntled users and users of the well-known app are looking for alternatives, and that’s what BeReal is supposed to be.

Even if BeReal doesn’t stay with us for long or become a socialmedia giant, it already makes us think about social media, its authenticity and how it affects our mental health. So it’s a nice reminder that online, it’s worth distancing ourselves from the content we consume, being mindful of its shortcomings and just — being real.

How does the BeReal app perform? — opinions

In July 2022, the BeReal app was used daily by more than 20 million users worldwide. This is a huge leap compared to 2021 data, when BeReal had less than a million people installed. So it can be concluded that the reception of the new app in the social media world is positive. Most young people are happy that it is a break from the filters, retweets, influencers and ads they are used to.

Some reviews of the BeReal app in the Google Play store:

“I’ve been using for almost 3 months now, the app works great, still a few bugs, but they are not “critical”. I hope the app will continue to develop, because its concept is really interesting!”

“Fun and at least it does not consume the whole day!”

“A great, richer with an emphasis on focusing on what one shares and writes on one’s profile, a replacement for the currently popular social networks that show fake or suggestive snippets of fake life”

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How do I delete my account on BeReal app?

If you have tried or have already tried the BeReal app, but do not want to use it, you can get rid of your account. How to delete your BeReal account? It’s very simple! All you have to do is go to your profile and tap on your profile picture in the upper right corner of the screen. Then you have to press the three dots (again in the upper right corner) and select “Contact us” from the menu, and then “Delete my profile.” You will then see a list of reasons for deleting your account, from which you must select one and confirm your choice by clicking “Yes, I’m sure.”

The account will then be deactivated for 15 days. If during this time you decide to log in again with your account credentials, the deletion of your profile will be canceled. Otherwise, the account will be irreversibly deleted after 15 days.



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