Attractions for wedding — what surprises to prepare for wedding guests and children? Best ideas for wedding attractions

For those who decide to get married, it is one of the most important events in life. In most cases, it is inextricably linked to the wedding — no wonder — it is a beautiful event, both for the bride and the groom, as well as for the guests. That is why it is worth taking care that the wedding reception should not lack numerous wedding attractions.

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Wedding and reception preparations usually start a few months before the event itself. The optimum time when it is best to start organizing this important day is about a year before (which does not mean that you cannot organize the event in a few months). Thanks to this you will avoid disappointments connected with the fact that the hall of your dreams has been booked by someone else and the wedding band has no more free dates. Once you are sure that you have booked exactly what you wanted, it is time to start planning the wedding ceremony. When organizing a wedding, it’s a good idea to consider the general preferences of your guests, although the truth is that it’s impossible to please everyone with such a large number of people at a wedding. Wedding attractions, in the form of games, interludes or visual attractions will help the guests integrate, occupy their time in an interesting way, and most of all they will make your wedding memorable for a long time.

Wedding attractions

Wedding attractions do not have to be limited to the wedding party. The wedding itself should also be honored with attractions, so that it was an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. It is worth taking care of the appropriate musical setting in the church. It is becoming more and more popular to invite opera singers and musicians, who through their musical skills will make many people shed tears of emotion. This can be for example one of the versions of the beautiful Ave Maria or Hallelujah. In churches flute and violin instruments sound amazingly, so a well-chosen musical setting will be a perfect wedding attraction. The church itself can be decorated with flowers for the duration of the wedding, beautifully looking compositions of different species of roses and scattered flower petals on the way of the bride and groom to the altar. One of the newest wedding attractions in the church are videos of the bride and groom getting to know each other or stories told by parents or witnesses. Such videos or stories will also work well in wedding halls at registry offices.

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Wedding attractions — music and hall decorations

It is safe to say that the wedding itself is an attraction for the guests. However, it is good to diversify the whole course of the wedding party. Many people usually associate welcoming the bride and groom in the hall with a wedding march. There is nothing wrong in honoring the tradition, however, more and more people depart from it in favor of newer music pieces, e.g. Love is in the air (John Paul Young), Beautiful Day (U2), Crazy in love (Beyonce), We will rock you (Queen). Lovers of tradition can order, for example, a folk band that will welcome them with wedding chants and entertain guests with them throughout the wedding party. However, there is nothing wrong with preparing your own wedding playlist. It will be a great attraction for the wedding if you include favorite songs of not only you but also your guests — hits that you enjoyed with your friends when you were a teenager or even favorite family songs. Technology is on your side!

An attraction for the wedding is also the decoration of the wedding hall itself. You can create the decoration yourself or use the help of a company that deals with this professionally. For sure it will be successful, if we bet on what is consistent with our personal preferences. Recently very fashionable are decorations referring to the favorite movies of the young. You do not have to turn the wedding hall into a film set, but delicate additions such as a thematic guest book or film name plates will look very original. More and more people are also abandoning the traditional luminous LOVE inscription, now the LOVE and WE inscription is in vogue. Simpler and unpretentious solutions are often the best!

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Wedding attractions — first dance and wedding games

One of the first and most unforgettable wedding attractions is the first dance. You can opt for a traditional dance arrangement, such as a waltz, as well as more contemporary pieces. The highlight of the wedding — not only for the guests, but especially for the bride and groom — will be a choreographed dance! This is why couples go for dance lessons a few months before the wedding. An additional attraction at the wedding will be a dance with heavy smoke. The guests will see you “dancing in the clouds” and they will not forget it for a long time. Or maybe you will surprise them with an energetic dance to the cult songs of e.g. Michael Jackson? An interesting attraction at the wedding is to involve the guests in the first dance, and thus invite them to have fun together. Let’s dance!

A common element of wedding events are traditional wedding games. You can like them or not, but one thing is certain — they integrate the guests perfectly! The most popular ones include: a train, dancing trips around different countries, a wandering pack, and toasts in various forms, e.g. “bitter vodka” or “and now we’re going for one”. The climax of the wedding is of course the wedding banquet. It is the moment full of wedding attractions that everyone waits for the most. Here it is worth betting on such games as: the compliance test, hot chairs, the redemption dance, and of course throwing a fly and a bouquet. An attraction for guests will undoubtedly also be a wedding cake. Its appearance can really vary, from a traditional white cake with figurines to a cake made of cupcakes.

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Ideas for wedding surprises

Gifts are also a unique attraction at the wedding for the guests. Thank your guests for their presence by preparing a small gift. It is good, that it refers to the theme and/or climate of the party, but the field of possibilities is really large. As gifts for the wedding guests are perfect e.g. honey and homemade preserves, elegant candles, magnets, coasters, small plants and seeds, which the guests can plant and see what will grow out of them. Wedding attractions that are sure to surprise guests will be photo booth, photo mirror, bartender shows, illusionist performances, and even celebrity concerts. A still often used surprise is riding a horse into the wedding hall (seriously!). You can also surprise your guests culinarily — a tasty attraction at the wedding will be a thematic table with food, e.g. rural, regional or referring to the cuisine of different countries.

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What kind of attractions for children at a wedding?

When planning wedding attractions you cannot forget about the youngest guests. Especially that many people will come to the ceremony with children. Show them that regardless of their age, every guest is equally important to you. You can prepare attractions for children on your own, or hire an animation group. Everything must be agreed in advance with the DJ or ringleader, because if you do not hire animators, he will be responsible for leading the games for children. Children usually require more attention and persuasive power than adults, so it is good to plan such attractions, which will focus their attention for a longer time. Dance games, e.g. fairy tale dances (fairy tale songs e.g. from Disney) and dancing on newspapers with parents always work well. Children will certainly enjoy the table with attractions. Contrary to appearances such a table is really very easy to prepare. It is best to place it in a more secluded place, so that children will not be disturbed by loud music. On the table you can put crayons, markers, drawing pads, stickers, books (taking into account different age groups), glue, scissors with rounded edges and cut-outs. They will certainly take care of themselves and allow the adults to enjoy the wedding activities directed to them.



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