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How to prolong intercourse? This is one of those questions that troubles many people. Early ejaculation is a serious problem, but it is surprising that few men try to solve it. Meanwhile, it may turn out that the cause of too rapid ejaculation is trivial and can easily be dealt with without visiting a sexologist. Here are the methods that give you more control over ejaculation and consequently: make your sex life more satisfying.

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It is estimated that the problem of premature ejaculation affects about 20–30 percent of men, and about 70 percent experience episodic instances of too rapid ejaculation. While a single situation of this type should not cause concern, if it recurs too often, decisive action should be taken. In many cases, already simple home remedies will allow you to say goodbye to the problem, but if, despite their application, early ejaculation still occurs, it is worth consulting a specialist.

How to prolong intercourse? Regular sexual activity

How to prolong intercourse? The problem of ejaculation too quickly is often a consequence of irregular sexual activity. As a result, the mounting sexual tension does not allow you to have mutually satisfying intercourse when it happens (of course, if we are talking about penetration, because it is worth remembering that there are many other sexual activities that give a lot of pleasure and for which an erection is not needed at all). By having intercourse regularly, you prevent such a situation from happening, and in addition, you get rid of the fears associated with rapprochement (this is especially true for young men), get to know your body’s reactions well and get used to them. There is a reason why it is said that practice makes perfect.

How to prolong intercourse? Masturbation before sex

How to prolong intercourse? A good idea is to masturbate before sex. After a few minutes or so, you’ll be ready for action again, but this time ejaculation shouldn’t occur so quickly. This is an effective method to improve the quality of your sex life, but be sure to use it in the right way. When masturbating, don’t make ejaculation as fast as possible. Do it slowly, taking pleasure for as long as possible. Otherwise, you may perpetuate the premature ejaculation reflex and, as a result, worsen the problem.

How to prolong intercourse? A little alcohol will not hurt

How to prolong intercourse? A glass of wine, for example, can be a good idea. Alcohol relaxes, loosens up, gives courage and, by the way, reduces the sensitivity of nerve endings. Considering that most cases of premature ejaculation have their origin in excessive tension and sexual anxiety, this method can prove effective. In addition, a glass of wine drunk with your partner can be a good introduction to a romantic evening. However, do not overdo the amount of alcohol. After all, too large a dose can make it impossible to achieve an erection. This method should also not be repeated too often. Remember that alcohol consumed regularly can become addictive.

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How to prolong intercourse? Practice ejaculation control

How to prolong intercourse? Both masturbation before intercourse and drinking a little alcohol are ad hoc methods. To say goodbye to the problem once and for all, you need to learn to control your body’s reactions. The start-and-stop method is characterized by very good effectiveness. It is a masturbation training, which involves bringing yourself to the peak phase of pleasure and stopping the caresses just before reaching orgasm. If the exercise is successful, it should be repeated several times.

How to prolong intercourse? Start and stop, APE, 3 finger technique and 9 thrust technique

How to prolong intercourse? Using the start and stop method, you can practice solo, but also with a partner. Initially, to limit the stimulus, the other person should caress you with their hand. Once you manage to regularly refrain from ejaculation, the technique can be used during intercourse.

Another effective method of learning to control ejaculation is the APE technique. Under this name is a set of exercises, selected individually for each man, which includes massages and visualizations. The APE technique is aimed at gaining a better understanding of the body’s reactions, learning to recognize the stimuli and mechanisms that lead to ejaculation.

Another technique that can be used during intercourse is the 3-finger method. When you feel intercourse coming to an end, stop penetration, lead your penis out of your partner’s vagina and let her press (as the name of this method suggests — with three fingers) the point between your testicles and anus (in the area of the prostate gland). Wait until the sexual tension subsides a bit. This should give you extra time. Of course, all this can also be applied to anal penetration with a partner.

The 9 thrusts technique can also be effective. This is a Far Eastern method of delaying ejaculation, which involves making frictional movements according to a specific pattern: 9 shallow thrusts and 1 deep, 8 shallow thrusts and 2 deep, until you make 1 shallow thrust and 9 deep ones. The shallow thrusts should be done gently, and the deep ones should be done at a fast, determined pace.

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How to prolong intercourse? Try other sexual positions

How to prolong intercourse? Sometimes it is enough to change the position. For men affected by the problem of premature ejaculation, the best will be those arrangements that give them the opportunity to control the intensity and depth of the thrusts they make — shallowing penetration can give a very good result. One such position is “on the dog,” in which the person being penetrated kneels and the man positions himself behind him.

How to prolong intercourse? Kegel muscle training

How to prolong intercourse? Another method that shows great effectiveness is Kegel muscle training. It’s really easy — all you need to do is perform 30 series of intense contractions and relaxations of the PC, or pelvic floor, muscles, supplementing the exercise with 10 series of long contractions, lasting about 10 sec. How to find the Kegel muscles? When urinating, try to hold back the stream. The muscles you tighten are the ones in question. Repeat the exercise 2–3 times a day.

How to prolong intercourse? Start using condoms

How to prolong intercourse? An effective method may be to reduce the stimulus of intercourse. To achieve this, just put on a condom. Some men even put on several condoms (but then there is a greater risk of slipping off), but if one is not enough, it is worth reaching for condoms that delay ejaculation. Most often, they are made of thicker latex and additionally contain an anesthetic, such as benzocaine.

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How to prolong intercourse? Reach for over-the-counter remedies

How to prolong intercourse? Another method is over-the-counter remedies available in pharmacies in the form of gels, creams or sprays. As is the case with ejaculation-delaying condoms, the purpose of their use is to desensitize the penis to stimuli and, as a result, reduce sensation. However, in the case of this type of remedy, we recommend considerable caution. After all, if used in excess, they can make it impossible to achieve an erection. In addition, their action will also be subjected to the partner, so his sensations will be less.

Another over-the-counter remedy that can help men with their problem are erection pills with sildenafil. No, they won’t delay the moment of ejaculation, but if the excitement doesn’t subside, you won’t lose your erection right after ejaculation and can continue intercourse. However, before using them, you should read all the contraindications.

How to prolong intercourse? Go to the doctor

How to prolong intercourse? If none of the methods described has brought satisfactory results, you can not do without visiting a sexologist. After all, it may turn out that premature ejaculation in this case is a consequence of other problems, such as hypersensitivity of the glans of the penis or hyperactivity of the vulvar nerve. There are several methods of treating premature ejaculation. The doctor may recommend physical therapy, combination therapy, combining electrotherapy with exercise, or drug treatment with serotonin reuptake inhibitors.



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